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Best PS5 Controller Black Friday Deals (2023)

Here are the best Black Friday deals on PS5 controllers in 2023.

Whether you need one because the buttons stick or because you want a hype new color to accent your playing, dropping $70 or more for a brand-new DualSense isn’t ideal. That’s why you’ll want to know about the best PS5 controller Black Friday deals.

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Best Black Friday Deals on PS5 DualSense Controllers (2023)

Black Friday 2023 hasn’t technically started in earnest just yet, but plenty of retailers already have early sales going, as has increasingly been the case over the past several years. The traditional white DualSense controller normally sells for $70, while some of the cooler color variants, like Galactic Purple and Cobalt sell for a slightly higher price point of $75.

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Indeed, while Black Friday is the very best time to pick up a new gamepad for whatever reason, it’s also one of the hardest times of the year to get one. These typically sell out quickly, even ahead of the year’s biggest sale season. With that in mind, you’ll want to jump on these as fast as you can if you’re thinking of picking up another DualSense.

Currently, the best deals see PS5 controller prices slashed by $20 or more across the board, coming in at a steal of $40.99 to $49.99. I don’t foresee these prices going too much lower, if at all. There’s really no reason to wait. The cheapest controllers are through Amazon.

Amazon Black Friday PS5 Controllers on Sale

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Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of a sleek silver look, the Sterling Silver DualSense controller isn’t on sale at Amazon right now, but it’s available for pre-order (it will launch on January 26, 2024). Further, the PlayStation-branded controller charging station is still at its normal $29.99 price.

Target Black Friday DualSense Deals

Target’s sale on PS5 controllers isn’t as good as Amazon’s right now — but by a very small margin. All of their gamepads are going for about $0.49 to $1 higher, though they’re still a steal if you prefer to shop somewhere else than Amazon. The Sterling Silver variant isn’t available for pre-order at Target yet.

Walmart Black Friday PS5 Controller Sale

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All of the Big W’s Dualsense controllers are also on sale for Amazon prices, featuring the same lineup of colors. All of their gamepads are going for $49.00 across the board. The Sterling Silver coloration isn’t available for pre-order at Walmart, either.

GameStop Black Friday PS5 Controller Sale

I almost put GameStop at the top of the list, making the bold claim that the retailer had the best PS5 controller deals for Black Friday. But then I looked closer.

While it may first appear you’ll save up to $9 more here for a new DualSense, keep in mind that the lowest prices and those for Pro members are for pre-owned PS5 controllers. If that’s OK with you, then sure: GameStop has the best sale. If you want a new gamepad, these are the most expensive across the board, coming in at $49.99 for every color.

I will concede that you can get some unique designs at GameStop you can’t get anywhere else, like a refurbished Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 variant that’s hard to find anywhere else beyond Ebay. That comes in at $47.99 and $45.59 for Pro members.

Those are the best PS5 controller Black Friday deals right now. You can also get these same prices at Best Buy, but honestly, I didn’t feel like typing out the same DualSense color names for a fifth time or coming up with another snappy paragraph about sales. Click the link to head over and stay tuned for more Black Friday lists, like those for the best PlayStation 5 console deals, savings on Hogwarts Legacy, or deals on Nintendo hardware and games.

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