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Best Skills to Get First in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

Looking for what skills to take first? Here are the best skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden.

As you start your journey with Red and Antea, you quickly unlock the RPG-style skill tree with various abilities. Some are better than others, offering drastically more useful bonuses and abilities. Here are the best skills to get first in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden.

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What are the Best Skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden?

As soon as you reunite with Antea in her new form, the Evolution skill tree unlocks, starting from the Unveil ability. Here, you can spend your Skill and Essence points to buy new abilities and passive bonuses. The first three core trees you unlock are Unveil, Leap, and Outburst.

There are some skills in these trees that I highly recommend you get first since they’re drastically better than the others. Let’s cover each tree in detail.

Best Unveil Skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

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Unveil is the first and simplest skill tree, offering only eight options. You can only pick one skill out of the two branching paths, but you can then continue down the branches toward others. So, you’re locked out of some. As always, to reach an ability deeper into the skill tree, you first have to pick up the ones before it. The best Unveil skills are Tag-Team, Swift Banish, Unrelenting, and Assault.

  • Tag-Team (Left): Prolongs our basic attack combo with a free Antea punch on the fourth hit. This attack ignores resistance from corporeal and uncorporeal enemies:
    • Pocket Holding: The reason I didn’t pick the +1 Decoction is that you can grab Pocket Holding, use all your potions up, and then simply switch back to Tag-Team without penalties by respecing for free. A similar tip I have is for the Decoction reduction talent later, where you can simply use all of your potions then switch to that skill for no downside.
  • Swift Banish (Left):: From Tag-Team, we take the Swift Banish talent. Even though it reduces the damage, triggering Banishes more often opens up more attack options, especially later once you unlock additional ways to spend your Banish meter. While Powder Keg sounds interesting, the AoE explosion deals so little damage that it’s not worth the point.
  • Unrelenting (Right): An excellent stacking damage boost on Light attacks. Invigorate isn’t the best since you can easily get interrupted, and Banish attacks are rare, even though you can charge them quickly with more skills.
  • Assault (Right):: From Unrelenting we take Assault, which is the superior option here. It opens up a mobility dash kick option perfect for maneuvering around the battlefield and switching up your attack pattern.

Don’t be afraid to pick up new skills and test them out in combat as respecing is available at all times and is completely free. Here’s how to respec in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden.

Best Leap Skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

skill point tree in banishers ghosts of new eden
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Leap is the second skill tree you unlock. This is where we can now spend Essence. The best Leap skills are Heavy Artillery, Counterblow, Initiator, Spirit Stash, Relentless Spirit, and Devastating Switch.

  • Heavy Artillery (Left): More passive heavy attack damage.
  • Counterblow (Left): A riposte move for extra damage on parries. Each Perfect Switch talent like Assault from the Unveil tree increases the damage of all future Perfect Switch talents by 20%. With Assault, we’re doing 40% more damage on Switch attacks.
  • Initiator (Top-right): As the name suggests, Initiator is perfect for opening fights. I mainly use the rifle to trigger headshots that do excellent damage, especially once we later pick up the Banish Shot.
  • Spirit Stash (Top-right): More Banish regeneration on Antea Punch kills.
  • Relentless Spirit (Bottom-right): Our first Essence skill. While Banishing Leap is great, Relentless Spirit is a much more reliable damage skill. Plus, we have better options for our Banish gauge later.
  • Devastating Switch (Bottom-right): Another Switch attack that we can trigger after Red’s third light attack. Now our Switch attacks do 60% more damage.

You can respec Essence skills the same way you do for regular ones.

Best Outburst Skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden

skill point tree in banishers ghosts of new eden
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The best Outburst skills are Spirit Restock ,Deathblow, Deep Outburst, Defender, Banishing Shot, Tormented Spirit, Removal, and Banishing Outburst.

  • Spirit Restock (Top-left): This is one of the best skills New Eden. It instantly reloads your gun on any Antea attack. Trigger it with Leap, Perfect Switches, or just a basic punch, then go back to Red and shoot an empowered shot. You can keep doing this without limits.
  • Deathblow (Top-left): We’re taking this just so we can boost our other Switch attacks.
  • Deep Outburst (Bottom-left): Perfect for clearing smaller groups of enemies.
  • Defender (Bottom-left): Another talent for Switch attack damage.
  • Banishing Shot (Top-right): One of the better Banish meter spenders that allow for great burst damage, especially with Initiator.
  • Tormented Spirit (Top-right): More damage is always great no matter the cost.
  • Removal (Bottom-right): Massive damage boost to Banish attacks.
  • Banishing Outburst (Bottom-right): When you really want to go blasting.

As I mentioned, whenever you don’t like a skill you picked up, you can respec for free and test a different one. But those are my choices for the best skills in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden. You can find more tips on our Banishers guides hub.

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