Skill tree in Dragon is Dead.
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Best Skills to Start With in Dragon is Dead

Find out the best skills to start with in Dragon is Dead here.

Skills are crucial to success in Dragon is Dead. The early-access action roguelike will give you plenty of options to choose from. Of course, if you want to survive and make it further each run, you’ll want to utilize the best skills available. Here are our recommendations.

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Dragon is Dead: Best Starting Skills

The Dragon is Dead skill tree focuses on three elements — Lighting, Fire, and Frost. Each element has unique abilities, and as a result, some are better at helping you through the first areas of the game. For instance, the first Lighting ability will jolt or daze enemies slightly, while the first Fire ability will burn enemies and apply damage over time. It’s important to note that daggers in the game oftentimes come with elemental buffs attached. So, if you’re running with a buffed weapon, I recommend you pair your skills to that element. Otherwise, here are the best skills to start with in Dragon is Dead.

  • Sword of Fire
    • The enemy will receive burning damage for 5 seconds. Burning deals 25% of magic damage as fire damage.
  • Mana Sword of Fire
    • Hitting an enemy who is burning has a 15% chance of recovering mana.
  • Mana Charge
    • Gain 3 mana charges when you hit an enemy with your basic skills.
  • Mana Charge of Death
    • Gain 10 mana when you kill an enemy with your basic skills.
  • Lighting Rush
    • Dash forward and into enemies, dealing 200% of magic damage as lightning damage. 60% chance to Jolt enemies upon hit.
  • Enchantment
    • Gain 10% increased magic damage for 3 seconds after evasion.
  • Frost Arrow
    • Shoot an arrow forward that explodes upon hit dealing 250% magic damage as Frost damage. 30% chance that enemies are chilled on impact.
  • Upgraded Healing
    • Increases all healing effects you receive by 15% while assistant skills is active.
Lighitng rush skill in the Dragon is Dead skill tree.
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I’ve found that combining elements brings me the best success in Dragon is Dead. You might find your own preferences as you play. However, the combination of Fire and Lighting skills will pack a punch and help you clear areas in a pinch.

That does it for the best skills to start with in Dragon is Dead. Stay tuned with us here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs at our at our Dragon is Dead guide hub.

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