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Best Starting Items in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Choose your starting items wisely!

Like any great survival game, Survival: Fountain of Youth doesn’t start you off with too many items. It’ll be up to you to collect materials and start crafting. However, you do get a choice of two items right before you arrive at the island to help you get started. Here are the best items to take!

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Best Items to Take From the Old Chest in Survival: Fountain of Youth

After the brief intro, you will head to the Captain’s Quarters right before the ship is destroyed. Before breaking out to safety, you can search the Old Chest to grab two items. There are more than two items in the chest, which is what makes the choice more difficult. The two items you select count as your “starting kit,” and depending on what you pick, can help you in different ways to get started in your survival.

All the items are helpful in one way or another. Here are all the choices you’ll have and what they can do for you:

Leather BackpackAllows you to carry more items
Navy CoatProtects you from bad weather and animal attacks
Iron FlintHelps to start fires
Improved Fishing RodAllows you to catch fish for food supply
Iron SpearAllows you to defend yourself an hunt for food
Iron AxeAllows you to build, cut down trees, and use as a weapon
Iron KnifeAllows you to harvest from plants and use as a weapon
Bag of ProvisionsA starting food supply
Pistol with AmmoA starting firearm kit for hunting and defense
Bag of MedicineA starting kit of medicine to protect and treat diseases and heal you

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring all of these items with you. You’ll have to narrow it down to two items you think will help you the most, and you won’t be able to change this choice once you escape through the window. If you’re not sure which items to choose, here are some suggestions:

Iron Axe & Leather Backpack – Harvesting and Building

A great combination of items to start Survival: Fountain of Youth with is the Iron Axe and the Leather Backpack. The Iron Axe is perhaps one of the very best items to start with because it has multiple uses. You can use it for building, cutting trees, and as a weapon. Plus, it’s sturdier than the other stone axes you’ll make if you go without it. The Leather Backpack goes great with the axe because it allows you to carry more items. So, with all the trees and materials you harvest with the axe, you’ll have room to hold them.

Iron Flint & Fishing Rod – Food and Cooking

One of the most critical parts of your survival is eating. If you want to ensure you have a good source of food and warmth right off the bat, choosing the Iron Flint and Fishing Rod is an excellent way to do that. The fishing rod will help you keep a constant supply of fish coming in. At the same time, you need a way to cook that fish, which is where the flint comes into play. The Iron Flint is a much more reliable firestarter than the others you’ll craft without it. You’ll have a great ignition percentage using it and have a way to stay warm and cook food as much as you need.

Navy Coat & Pistol with Ammo – Protection and Hunting

Another way to stay stocked on food is to hunt. If you’re planning on going out looking for trouble in Survival: Fountain of Youth, you better make sure to protect yourself, which is why the combination of the Navy Coat and Pistol is the best “fighting” build. The Navy Coat not only protects you from catching illnesses but protects you from animal attacks as well. That way, you can approach an enemy safely and use your Pistol to take them out much faster than if you were using a spear or knife. You’ll want to use your ammo wisely, though, so you don’t run out.

Iron Knife & Bag of Medicine – Harvesting and Protection

Another great combination with multiple uses is the Iron Knife and the Bag of Medicine. The knife, similar to the axe, allows you to harvest items for food or crafting and also acts as a weapon. You can use it to cut down coconuts from trees, which is a great starting source of water and food. If you combine the Bag of Medicine with it, you’ll also be protected from diseases or wounds you might receive from animals. And, you won’t have to scramble to try and craft medicine when you really need it.

These are just a few of the best combinations of items I came across in Survival: Fountain of Youth. However, you can mix and match others to be just as useful. Try to think of your game plan and what you want to focus on first when arriving on the island, and choose items based on that. Once you jump out that window, your choices will be locked in.

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