Best Switch Minecraft 1.19 Seeds for October 2022

Here are 10 cool Minecraft seeds to try out for the Nintendo Switch in October 2022!

The Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update has not changed world generation too significantly, adding just a few new biomes, as well as Ancient Cities. However, that doesn't mean that new, incredible seeds aren't being found on the regular, ever since the massive changes that came as part of the 1.17 and 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Updates.

Environment generation is more or less the same on Java Edition and Bedrock Edition as of this update; however natural structures still differ. The 10 seeds picked out for this list are all intended for Bedrock Edition, so what you see is what you get for the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft.


Seed: 9008355401877120259

Coordinates: 160, 63, 283
Biomes: Savannah

This seed drops players in an expansive savannah biome, with loads of natural structures to explore. As you can see above, a beached acacia shipwreck can be found just feet away from a small village.

Better yet, just to the right of frame, a Pillager Outpost overlooks this poor village. Players will need to act quick to spare the villagers here, and the close proximity of the outpost to this village makes for a great opportunity for players to farm raids.

Seed: -7512288024976295981

Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Plains, Swamp, Mountains

This is proof that a world doesn't need to be filled to the brim with natural structures to be a great seed. Players here will spawn inside of a massive plains valley, fully enclosed by forested mountains on all sides.

This spawns makes for a beautiful building location, and players will have loads of resources immediately available for them to do so. The valley floor would make a great landscape for a player-made village or city.

Seed: 6168986554

Coordinates: -852 122 -567
Biomes: Taiga, Mountains

Admittedly, this seed will start with a bit of a hike, as players set out for the coordinates above. Here, a pillager outpost can be found overlooking a taiga valley, filled with podzol and spruce trees.

In the background, massive mountains can be seen, making for a scenic area to set up a home base. Endless Pillager spawns also allow for relatively easy experience farming as well.

Seed: -1854402075

Coordinates: -372, 63, -280
Biomes: Savannah, Mountains

There's more than meets the eye with this particular seed. Believe it or not, the bizarre village at spawn, which feature houses that climb up a mountain, isn't even the highlight of this seed.

Players who set out to beat the game will find something very peculiar. At -1375, -19, 1835, an End portal can be found in a stronghold. At -1348, -37, 1828, just a few dozen blocks away, another End portal can be found. It is incredibly rare for seeds to generate strongholds this close to one another.

Seed: -6709148406763899126

Coordinates: 108, 127, 75
Biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Plains, Taiga, Mountains

Yet another short hike is required for this seed, but it is certainly worth the time spent. Players who head to the coordinates above will find a small plains biome that intersects a taiga biome, overlooking a dark oak forest in a valley.

In that dark oak forest lies a massive Woodland Mansion. If cleared out and well lit, this entire area could make for a fantastic starter base, giving players loads of resources and an incredible view of the surrounding area.

Seed: 868565863016403259

Coordinates: -151, 62, 196
Biomes: Ocean, Mountains

How about a bit of a goofy one? Players who travel by boat out to the coordinates above will find one of the weirdest mountain generations they'll ever see, appearing as a sort of shattered, hollow mountain.

There isn't much for resources here, so players should bring loads themselves. This odd stone formation has loads of potential for a very unique ocean base.

Seed: -4260329793259271562

Coordinates: -428, 79, 674
Biomes: Savannah, Plains, Forest

This seed features a really neat village generation on a small island, enclosed by a wide river on all sides. Past this river, depending on the direction headed, players can find birch forests and savannahs.

It's a short walk, but this island is a great place to call home. Players can expand the island out with bridges that connect to the various biomes, or build a dam around the island to better protect it.

Seed: 3085101573916449112

Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Ocean, Mountains, Deep Dark

This one's for the veterans who love a good challenge. Players will spawn on the survival island above, a large stony blob with not a single tree. But how can you even get anywhere if you don't have a tree? Well, the nearby shipwreck 315, 62, -1126 should give enough wood to get started.

With that wood, players can build some tools to dig down through their home island. Dig down far enough to find a massive Ancient City directly beneath the survival island, filled with loads of loot (and a Warden) to get players on their feet.

Seed: 340883181811974

Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Taiga, Lush Caves, Deep Dark

This seed is nothing short of gorgeous, and players don't need to walk far to find it at all, spawning on the cliffs above. Jump down into the frozen lake (mind the ice) to find a massive lush cave opening. 

In these lush caves, players will find the start of a deep dark cave, as well as loads of caverns that expand into massive cave systems. Setting up a home on this lake would give players both a great view and easy access to countless resources.

Seed: 6168669096356993368

Coordinates: At spawn
Biomes: Ocean, Taiga, Deep Dark

Of course we're saving the best for last. This seed is absolutely ridiculous, spawning players on a taiga survival island (this one actually has trees), complete with a small village, giving players some quick and easy food, as well as trading.

Directly below this island, players can find an unreal Ancient City, which intersects a lush cave ravine where an End portal is found. Not only that, but on just the opposite end of the city, a mineshaft can be found that cuts through a ruined portal and through the Ancient City itself.

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