Top 10 Best Things to Do While You Wait for Destiny 2 The Final Shape

There's a long wait before Destiny 2 The Final Shape. Here are some ways to pass the time.

Guardians prepare to take on the threts in The Final Shape
Image via Bungie
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The Final Shape could be a watershed moment for Destiny 2. Bungie delaying the expansion to June 4, 2024, means they want to make that hope a reality. But for us Guardians, what do we do while waiting for The Final Shape? I have 10 ideas to keep us occupied.

Best Activities to do While Waiting for The Final Shape in Destiny 2

10. Complete Your Exotic Collection

In-game side view of the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Exotic weapons and armor are some of the most important pieces of equipment in all of Destiny 2. They all but define builds across every class and subclass.

There are dozens and dozens of Exotic weapon catalysts to collect that transform how they play. And most importantly, some look damn cool.

If you don’t have most of the Exotics from the past five years, the next six months or so is a great time to start farming Nightfall activities, Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and visiting Xur every week to fill in the gaps in your collection.

9. Make Builds for Each Class

An example Titan build screen in Destiny 2
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Buildcrafting makes Destiny 2 not only an easier game but a more enjoyable one. Using only a class’ base kit, regardless of subclass, is like playing a game of chess with only the pawns. Oh, and the pawns can’t turn into anything.

I’d also recommend creating builds that don’t use the Seasonal Artifact perks. They’re temporary, even in a season as long as Season of the Wish.

Find a version you like, then tweak it so it’s functional regardless of seasonal buffs. I can say from experience that playing Destiny 2 will be a better experience for it.

8. Complete The Wishes Activity

Wishes are a new set of weekly activities coming in February that promise to help bridge the content gap between now and the release of The Final Shape on June 4.

According to Destiny 2 Director Joe Blackburn, they’re “progression, reward-centric weekly quests,” but that could mean literally anything, and Joe didn’t elaborate any further.

He did say things would “start slow,” which means to me that Wishes won’t take very long to complete for the hardcore audience but will provide something to tide us over.

7. Try PvP (if You Can Stomach it)

Shaxx in the Tower in Destiny 2
Screenshot by GameSkinny

PvP in Destiny 2 is a cluster on the best of days, but like any game with both a PvE and competitive environment, fighting other players will almost always be the final endgame. Raids and Dungeons have staying power, sure, but they’re predictable after a while.

There’s no predicting what a set of six random enemy players will do in a given match, making The Crucible, D2‘s dedicated PvP area, the only truly endlessly replayable game mode, whether you want to sweat or play casually.

6. Farm Bright Dust

I’ve no doubt The Final Shape will come with a veritable tanker truck of new cosmetics and other items you can spend real money on.

Destiny 2 also tends to release about 80% of its premium content for Bright Dust over time, though prices are always exorbitant.

Having stores of Bright Dust you don’t mind burning will let you add some of the new fashion without feeling like you need to pay Bungie any more of your real dollars.

5. Complete Into the Light Content

Coming in April and May, Into the Light is more mystery content that Blackburn says is for both those players with 5,000 hours and anyone also coming in new to the franchise.

We somehow know even less about this content than we do about Wishes, which already wasn’t much. If I were a betting man, though, I’d say they’re something that blends a traditional Seasonal grind with a yearly event reward structure.

It will also probably synergize with the New Light experience in some way, meaning we get to talk to Shaw “The Most Generic NPC in the Universe” Han again.

4. Learn to Raid

The Final boss room in the Crota's End Raid with Oversoul visible
Screenshot by GameSkinny

I’ve forgotten exactly what the figure is, but it’s like a good 70-85% of Destiny 2‘s playerbase has never entered a Raid or Dungeon before. But we have six months to get up to a proper Power level and make some amazing builds.

So, while you’re waiting for The Final Shape in Destiny 2, dive into learning the pinnacle PvE activities. The new Fireteam Finder feature also gives you even fewer reasons to try them out.

3. Complete Moments of Triumph

The Moments of Triumph event is coming back again this year. Though it’s never the most rewarding event in Destiny 2, it’s a good way to celebrate the community’s achievements over the years. You can also try some new things and revisit some old ones while waiting. Hopefully, Bungie has at least one surprise in store for us.

2. Play the Guardian Games

A Guardian depositing Medals during the Guardian Games
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Bungie has said they’ve revised the Guardian Games to be a bit more engaging in 2024. But what that entails remains unclear. I just hope that collecting Medals isn’t “farm strikes forever” like it’s been in the past. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. Though, if the guns are good, maybe it won’t be so bad.

1. Find a Clan

At its heart, Destiny 2 is a social game best played in the company of fire-forged friends. Finding a clan of like-minded players to game with makes D2 a better experience, no matter how you slice it.

You can do more activities, get build advice, share memes, and swap stories during even the toughest moments in the game. I’ve made some of my longest and most consistent friends through Destiny 2, and, I think you can, too.

Those are my Top 10 things you can do while waiting for Destiny 2: The Final Shape to release on June 4, 2024. For more lists, check out the Top 10 ways to improve your aim, the Top 10 Steam Deck AAA games, and Top 10 best free MMORPGs of 2023.

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