Interior castle design in V Rising
Image via Stunlock Studios

Best V Rising Castle Designs on Reddit

Looking for some inspiration? Here's our list of the best V Rising castle designs on Reddit.

Stunlock Studios added a ton of customization features for castle builds in V Rising. This prompted players to create some incredible designs of their own. In this list, I’ll provide you with some of the best V Rising castle designs on Reddit, along with quick links to their respective discussion pages.

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V Rising: Top 10 Best Castle Designs on Reddit

Out of Control Castle Design

Out of Control castle design in V Rising
Image via anahka23

Since the developer added the possibility of adding multiple levels to your castle, many V Rising players have started creating incredible castle designs. One of the finest examples of multileveled castles is this Out of Control castle design by anahka23. However, I must warn you that you won’t be able to go more than three floors in vanilla. To do that, you’d have to run your own dedicated server.

Opulent Vampire Castle Design

Opulent Vampire Castle Design in V Rising
Image via Aatrocy

If you’re mostly looking for a PvP type of build, then check out the Opulent Vampire castle design by Aatrocy. It doesn’t have a garden and some of the interiors, but the overall build of this castle is incredibly well done. I especially liked the lighting job in the vassal quarter. But the entrance area is just as magnificent, with tons of red lights. Finally, be sure to visit the central boulevard for astonishingly creative choices.

Modest Castle Design

Modest castle design in V Rising
Image via dracoXdrayden

Although this build is called the Modest Castle design by dracoXdrayden, it’s not modest at all. The interiors of this castle are massive, with extremely wide spaces. The main reason the creator of this castle managed to get such vast areas is by building the castle at a special location near the bandit chief settlement. If you want to know what those interiors are, then carpets and walls are made of Royal Red and Ancient Symphony, while floors are from the Alchemy set.

Beat Dracula Castle Design

Beat Dracula castle design in V Rising
Image via Heybarbaruiva

Wide areas aren’t always the best spots for building your castle, as small plots can be just as effective in a different way. The Beat Dracula castle design by Heybarbaruiva makes perfect sense of a small patch of land. It may not be suitable for fitting Dracula’s throne after beating him, as it takes up at least four tiles in width and another four in height and depth. But the large castle gate without the doors is truly remarkable, providing a sense of openness.

Brutal PvE Castle Design

Brutal PvE castle design in V Rising
Image via glermz

The title of this Brutal PvE castle design by glermz comes from the server where you can find this specific build. Of course, the most impressive part is the trees surrounding the castle, which are Pink and White Blossoms. You can get them from the Blood Tree summons. But if you can’t get them from the summons, then try cutting down these trees at Dunley, and if you’re lucky, they’ll drop some seeds that you can plant near your own castle.

Endgame Castle Design

Endgame castle design in V Rising
Image via Exzid0

The Endgame Castle design by Exzid0 is exactly what I thought it would be, with its massive size over an enormous territory and multiple levels. If you want to know where to get such a huge plot of land for your own build, then be sure to visit the north-east of Dunley farmlands, just below the Cursed Forest. Although it’s not the only plot of such size in the game.

Empty Mirrors Castle Design

Empty Mirros castle design in V Rising
Image via JPDG

The Empty Mirrors castle design by JPDG is part of another dedicated server where players can not only learn how to build castles but also compete against each other in the best design layouts. After joining the server, you’ll know exactly what the differences are between the PvE and PvP types of castles and how to efficiently plan out all the rooms and their interiors.

Best PvP Castle Design

Best PvP castle design in V Rising
Image via MoonStrangerr

One of the main aspects of building an efficient PvP castle is to make sure that you never get a single breach with servants and banshees creating the necessary defensive layers. For this purpose, check out the Best PvP castle design by MoonStrangerr, which manages to use both layers of defense, inner and outer, to the greatest extent.

First Castle Design

First castle design in V Rising
Image via WiseButterscotch

Although this is the very First Castle design by WiseButterscotch, I immediately noticed how luxurious everything looked. I started asking myself, how in the world did this player manage to put so much into their first-ever castle design? The answer turned out to be very simple: the resources were provided by four other players on the co-op server. That’s actually very smart!

Hide the Ground Castle Design

Hide the ground castle design in V Rising
Image via Spacer176

One of the most exciting new additions to the castle builds that have been implemented by the developer is the ability to hide lower levels with the ground. That’s why I selected the Hide the Ground castle design by Spacer176 for this list. It’s a perfect example of how you can seamlessly connect your walkarounds and pillars to the second floor by making them look like a part of the land.

That’s it for my list of the best V Rising castle designs on Reddit. Stay tuned for more VR tips and tricks articles right here.

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