Best Ways to Farm Ancient Civilization Parts Fast in Palworld

You need to know how to farm Paldium Crystals for some of the best gear in Palworld.

A Mammorest Boss attacking in Palworld
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Ancient Civilization Parts are a relatively rare and valuable resource in Palworld. Getting your hands on them can take time and a bit of skill. But I’ve got you covered on that first part. Here, I’ll tell you how to farm Ancient Civilization Partsfast.

How to Farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

A Chillet boss wandering in Palworld
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Farming Ancient Civilization Parts isn’t a straightforward process, but there are several regular sources in Palworld. The three places I’ve been able to find Ancient Civilization Parts are after bosses, in random chests, and after beating dungeons.

Paldium Crystal Farming Method #1: Chillet and Other Boss-Level Pals

In my testing, though, the best way to farm Ancient Civilization Parts is to defeat or capture boss-level Pals throughout the world. The easiest you’ll find is Chillet, not far from the starting area. Chillet always spawns at Level 11 and has about 1,000 HP.

You get the Ancient Civilization Parts whether you catch it or knock it out. Every victory nets between 2 and 4 Crystals. Chillet respawns relatively quickly, within about 30 minutes of real-world time (though, I need further testing to be absolutely sure of that).

Level 11 Penking is also easy to reach, and isn’t far from the starting area. It also spawns every 30 minutes. If you are feeling especially bold, the Level 38 Mammorest near the starting area is the most rewarding of the three bosses, but it can one-shot almost anything below Level 25.

Getting Paldium Crystals after defeating a boss in Palworld
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Paldium Crystal Farming Method #2: Farming Chests

While not as immediately farmable, Ancient Civilization Parts do sometimes drop as reards from chests that spawn in the world. They’re much more common in chests that require Copper Keys or any other key of Uncommon or higher rarity. I’ve found one or two Parts in chests you can open for free.

Paldium Crystal Farming Method #3: Beating Dungeons

Dungeon activities are more mid-game experiences and require a solid team, good gear for your character, and a lot of patience and skill. The rewards are equal to the demand, but I don’t recommend them for early-game teams lower than Level 20 or so.

Why You Should Farm Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

A Mega Shield node requiring Paldium Crystals in Palworld
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Ancient Civilization Parts are primarily used for creating powerful technology. I mostly use them for upgraded shields. While the first shield you can make, the Common Shield, only calls for Paldium Fragments, every shield after it starting with the Mega Shield costs Ancient Civilization Parts to craft.

  • Mega Shield: 15 Ancient Civilization Parts required.
  • Giga Shield: 30 Ancient Civilization Parts required.
  • Hyper Shield: 50 Ancient Civilization Parts required.

I’m sure there are additional uses for Ancient Civilization Parts out there, and I’ll be sure to update this article as I find them. For now, those are the best ways to farm them I could find. For more Palworld content, check out our guides hub.

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