Biomutant Best Weapons Tier List

Here's how to find and make the best Biomutant weapons, ranked from S-Tier to B-Tier.

Here's how to find and make the best Biomutant weapons, ranked from S-Tier to B-Tier.

The Biomutant weapons system allows players to combine various weapon parts into melee and ranged weapons, some more powerful and useful than others. Some of the best Biomutant weapons can be found in special vaults protected by powerful mutants; you’ll have to hunt them down.

This best Biomutant weapons tier list will rank the game’s preeminent weapons, including their locations and how to get them.

Besides these unique weapons, players can obtain special tribal weapons that require capturing outposts and conquering tribes. But some base weapons are also worth looking at, so keep reading to learn what to expect from them as well.

S-Tier Weapons

Sparkatron Hypicskromp

  • Type: Ranged, Electric
  • Damage: 282-395

The best ranged weapon in the game, the Sparkatron Hypicskromp is made of:

  • 1x Hypic grip
  • 1x Sparkatron base rifle
  • 1x Skromp muzzle

It has a unique Momentum ability that increases the fire rate by 10% after each consecutive shot, making it shoot faster and faster with every bullet, dealing more damage over time.

Sparkatron Hypicskromp can be obtained after completing the Suburbia Vault quest. You will need to kill Schacky Trunkgnut, a giant anteater, located in Suburbia in sector 7F of the Whereabouts biome.

The anteater will drop the vault key, which you can use to enter the Suburbia Vault and claim this ultimate ranged weapon.

Pri Murgel Sword

  • Type: Melee, Heat
  • Damage: 287-354

The best melee weapon in Biomutant is a two-handed sword made of:

  • 1x Murgel slash base sword
  • 1x Pri handle

There is no other sword in the game with such high damage output, and once you add some mods to it, there is no enemy that can withstand you.

To obtain this sword, you must speak to Mui, who can be found next to Anywhere at sector 5D of the Whereabouts biome. You will have to complete the Illumination quest, traveling from Lumentower to the cave, where you can find the Pri Murgel Sword.

A-Tier Weapons

Ankati Bow

  • Type: Ranged, Tribe
  • Damage: 600-800

Tribe weapons can be a chore to get, but they are really powerful, and the bow of the Ankati tribe is the proof of that.

You can obtain the Ankati Bow by capturing two Ankati enemy posts. Then, you need to conquer the Ankati tribe itself by capturing four of their own outposts:

  • Skypook Outpost (Sector 7C)
  • Wingo Outpost (Sector 7B)
  • Whiffwhaft Outpost (Sector 7A)
  • Ankati Fortress (Sector 7B)

Once this is done, you can finally claim the Ankati Bow for yourself.

Srik Gongmace

  • Type: Melee, Heavy
  • Damage: 1013-1191

If you don’t mind its slower attack speed, then Srik Gongmace is a great choice because of its damage output. This unique weapon is made of:

  • 1x Gongmace
  • 1x two-handed crush base weapon
  • 1x Srik handle

You can get this weapon by beating the Chug Swollwaft mutant located at Chugdepot in sector 8J. After defeating the mutant, follow the waypoint to the location of the vault, where you need to defeat Tincan Tougho.

Once the battle is over, you can enter the vault and find Srik Gongmace inside.

B-Tier Weapons

Knok Umph

  • Type: Melee, Heat
  • Damage: 871-1309

One-handed slash weapons aren’t as impactful as two-handed ones, but Knok Umph is an impressive unique weapon that consists of:

  • 1x Umph base weapon
  • 1x Knok handle

But the most intriguing part of Knok Umph is its Remedy ability, which heals you whenever it deals damage to enemies.

This weapon can be obtained by completing the Sparkplant Vault quest, which is given by Moog at Steepdeepo.

Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin

  • Type: Melee, Heat
  • Damage: 661-1054

A good alternative to Knok Umph is the Lump Pinhandle Rolling Pin. It is made of:

  • 1x Rolling Pin one-handed weapon
  • 1x Lump Pinhandle.

It doesn’t have any special abilities, and its damage is a little lower than that of Knok Umph, but when it comes to unique weapons, it’s still a solid choice.

Obtaining this weapon is easier in many regards; just speak to Lump, an NPC residing on the Floatboat at sector 3F.


  • Type: Ranged, Automatic Rifle
  • Damage: Based on rarity

Lastly, when speaking of best base weapons, Pufoper is definitely an excellent choice for an automatic rifle. It has a massive 45% critical hit chance, which produces high damage even at lower rarities.

It can be easily obtained in loot chests or purchased from Pew Pew Broker.

Those are the best Biomutant weapons. Now you know what melee and ranged weapons to look out for as you play through the game, and which ones to keep in your inventory to win. If you found this list helpful, be sure to read our official Biomutant review or check out our other Biomutant tips and tricks articles.

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