Find out how to activate Biomutant console commands to unlock "cheats" like teleporting and god mode.

Biomutant Console Commands List Guide

Find out how to activate Biomutant console commands to unlock "cheats" like teleporting and god mode.

Biomutant console commands can give you an edge in Experiment 101’s new action RPG. But before you can teleport, use god mode, or increase your FPS, you’ll first need to know how to enable console commands. 

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This Biomutant console commands guide will not only list all console commands properly, but it will also list out all of the “cheats” you can activate in the game.  

How to Enable Biomutant Console Commands

Since Biomutant was developed on Unreal Engine 4, you can activate the in-game console commands using the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker open-source software.

Follow these steps to activate Biomutant console commands:

  1. Download and install Universal UE4 Unlocker from the official webpage
  2. Start Universal UE4 Unlocker
  3. Start Biomutant
  4. Press Alt Tab to switch to Universal UE4 Unlocker window
  5. Go to “General” tab
  6. Press “Select” at “Select the process to inject to
  7. Chose one of the two options from the list:
    • Steam for Steam users
    • Maine for Xbox app users
  8. Click on “Inject DLL

When this is done, you can switch back to the game and either start a new game or load up your save file.

In order to open the console window press the “~”(tilde) key on your keyboard.

Biomutant Console Commands List

After you open the console in Biomutant, you can type in the following commands:

god Enables god mode
timespeed X
Enables time speed manipulation (e.g. “timespeed 2” doubles the speed)
sg.PostProcessQuality 0 Reveals the entire map
teleport Enables teleportation of your character by pointing the direction with your mouse cursor
toggledebugcamera Enables free camera movement
playersonly Freezes any character
pause Puts the game on pause
kill Returns your character back to your spawn point
DamageTarget X Deal X amount of damage
stat fps Enables FPS screen counter
stat unit Enables frametimes screen counter
showdebug Displays coordinates on screen


That’s all you need to know on how to enable Biomutant console commands. For more guides and tips, check out our other Biomutant tips and tricks articles. If you’re still on the fence about the game, consider checking out our Biomutant review

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