Our Biomutant aura guide is handier than a moral compass for helping you get what you want out of the game.

Biomutant Light and Dark Aura Guide: How It Works

Our Biomutant aura guide is handier than a moral compass for helping you get what you want out of the game.
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The Biomutant aura system pops up routinely throughout the game, asking you to pick an action or idea aligned with light or dark. The aura system is tied to learning certain upgrades and abilities and will affect some NPC quests.

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The biggest morality quandaries are tied in with your tribe choice and the ending you choose, those are separate from the moment-to-moment choices you make. Your aura does not affect your ending. Our Biomutant aura guide explains how the aura system works and how to get what you want out of it.

Biomutant Light or Dark?

Biomutant aura is split on how it views itself. Light isn’t always “good,” and the game often tells you dark is detached and calculating, but not “bad” in the usual sense. However, most of your light choices involve helping people and being nice, while the dark choices entail being snarky or leaving people to deal with issues on their own (or just smacking them and walking off).

Since the main ending is tied to your tribe choice, you’re free to choose whichever style you want. Some NPCs will comment on your reputation as it starts to grow, and a handful change their attitude toward you, sometimes offering new quests or refusing to speak with you.

These are rare instances, however. Choosing light or dark in Biomutant won’t lock you out of important or interesting quests.

That’s a good thing, because some of Biomutant’s light or dark choices can be a little vague. I ended up with moderate darkness at one point, completely unaware I’d even made dark choices along the way.

Most of these pop up when your conscience debates with itself. In most cases, left is dark and right is light, but rest assured it won’t influence anything significant if you make a choice opposite the morality you’re striving for.

Finally, there are a couple of other activities you can engage in to affect aura. Capturing small animals and petting them earns you light points, while harming them earns you dark points (though admittedly, there’s absolutely no reason to do either).

Some NPCs you find on the roads need assistance against enemies. Helping them earns you light, but ignoring them won’t earn you dark.

Biomutant Psi Points

Biomutant light or dark choices serve mostly one purpose: unlocking Psi Points.

Making some key decisions earns Psi Points of your chosen morality, but most of them come from Psi Shrines scattered throughout the world and its settlements. Interacting with the Psi Shrine triggers a brief sequence where it reacts with your aura and earns you a Psi Point or more. 

You’ll use these in the character menu to unlock new abilities separate from the regular mutations, and a few abilities are light or dark specific.

However, the Biomutant aura system is flexible. You can unlock the light abilities, then pump up your darkness attribute and get those without having to do a new playthrough or damage your ending choice.

That’s everything you need to know about the Biomutant aura system, but make sure to check out our other Biomutant guides for more tips.

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