Bit City — What Is Prestige, and When Should You Use It?

A brief overview of Bit City's Prestige system -- and how to use it to its maximum potential.

A brief overview of Bit City's Prestige system -- and how to use it to its maximum potential.

Compared to a lot of other idle games, Bit City has a lot going for it. But those attracted to its pseudo-city building may be (a little) confused by its Prestige system. That flipping key icon at the top right of the screen is mighty tempting, but you should wait to go through with Prestige until you know you’re ready.

Prestige is identical to a particular restart function you see in other idle games. You progress as far as you feel you comfortably can and then you restart with the promise of additional money gains. In short, when you Prestige, you’re starting over.

There are a lot of features that separate Bit City from its other idle brethren and having to hop from one city to the next is certainly one of them. It seems counter-productive to start all over, especially if you’ve reached the final city. It boils down to wanting to progress faster, which in turn nets you more keys to go do it again.

If this all sounds confusing, here are the two steps to this process:

  1. Build up keys by making money and increasing the population of your cities
  2. Prestige once you have decided you’re progressing too slowly (or you just want to start all over, going faster than before)
  3. Profit!

So the nest question is:

When is a good time to Prestige in Bit City?

The unanimous answer seems to be when you have 100 keys, and I’m inclined to agree. That’s the general trend with idle games — and it’s a solid strategy.

When you Prestige you absolutely want to see a big increase in your profits, and if you’re doing it at 50 keys or so, you’re only going to see a small benefit from starting over. In reality, you only see a 1 percent increase per key.

100 keys means you get a 100 percent increase on your profits when you start over — doubling your income, and in turn, doubling how fast you progress.

Each time you Prestige, you should aim for at least 100 keys. The more keys you have, the more worthwhile it is to go through with a Prestige. And just to add, your keys add up each time you decide to do it.

What do you lose when you Prestige?

In case it wasn’t totally obvious, you lose every bit of progress when you finally decide to go through with it… except three things.

When you Prestige you get to keep:

Pension Pig accumulation


Game Upgrades


In turn, you lose all of your city progress and start at the beginning of the game — but with a money multiplier.

That’s all there is to really know about Bit City‘s Prestige system. It’s pretty much identical to the systems seem in other idle games, but it has a very low growth percentage per key. Maybe we’ll see a ninth city someday? Who knows!

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