BitLife: How to Adopt with a Criminal Record

Working on the Change of Hearts Challenge? You'll want to know how to adopt with a criminal record.

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Adopting a child in BitLife is a milestone you might be after, especially if you’re completing the Change of Heart Challenge. The challenge requires you to adopt a child after escaping prison, which isn’t as straightforward as doing so under just about any other circumstances. Here’s how to adopt with a criminal record in BitLife.

How to Adopt with a Criminal Record

BitLife is full of choices to make, like whether or not you’re going to be a standout Bitizen or a troublemaker and commit some crimes. Either way, you might want to start a family someday. The Change of Hearts will transform you from an outright criminal to a loving parent, but you’ll discover that you can’t outright adopt once you have a criminal record. I found two solutions to help you complete the challenge.

  • Emigrate illegally to another country and adopt.
  • Purchase a Golden Passport for $5.58 and emigrate legally.

If you have a criminal record or have been to prison you won’t be able to adopt a child. There’s one way around this, and that’s to pack your bags and Emigrate to another country. You’ll get denied if you apply to emigrate with a criminal record, and after being denied you’ll select the Emigrate Illegally option. You can refresh your list of emigration countries if you don’t see one you want to emigrate to.

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After you move to a new country they will not recognize you and you’ll be able to adopt a child. There is an alternative way to emigrate legally using the Golden Passport, but I don’t necessarily recommend it because it’s an in-game purchase that costs $5.58, and you can easily avoid it by emigrating illegally. 

Well, that’s it for how to adopt with a criminal record in BitLife.  For more guides and challenge tips, check out our growing BitLife guides hub here.

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