Bitlife: How to Buy a House

Buying and selling houses in BitLife can help you complete challenges and earn rewards.

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In BitLife, knowing how to buy a house is important for the completion of some challenges such as the House Flipper Challenge. You’ll also need to know how to sell a house in that case. It’s also required if you want to adopt a child so you have a place to call home. While the Landlord Pack gives you more options revolving around properties, like the ability to rent them out, it isn’t needed to simply buy and sell houses.

How to Buy a House in BitLife

  • BitLife houses you own can be checked in Assets.
  • A significant other can prompt you to buy a house.

You can buy a house through the Go Shopping option, which you can find in both Assets and Activities. You’ll find a list sorted by category for items you can buy, and under Real Estate Brokers, you’ll see usually two or three options.

Select a broker and browse the house options. When you tap a house option, you’ll see details about it such as the monthly price with a mortgage and what condition it’s in. Find an option you like, and then choose to pay for it with either a mortgage or with cash. I think cash is the better option, but the mortgage is easier to afford.

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How to Sell a House in BitLife

Selling a house in BitLife is nice and simple. Go to Assets > Properties and choose the house you’re selling. The last option for the house is Sell. This brings up a window that lets you set your List Price for the house, and you’ll either sell it for the List Price, receive an offer for a lower price, or be unable to find a buyer.

If you can’t find a buyer, you can choose to renovate your house to improve its condition and try again, try again with a lower price, or wait a year before trying to sell your house again. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of RNG, but I find that the RNG for selling a house is generally better than other aspects in BitLife.

Now you know how to sell a house in BitLife! That’s not all the help we’ve got for you, though. You can check out more BitLife guides like how to marry into royalty or how to get a STEM degree.

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