BitLife: How to get a STEM Degree

Earning a STEM Degree in BitLife is surprisingly simple. Here's how.

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Earning a STEM degree in BitLife is much easier than in real life, and it can provide a steady income for your character and family. There are several majors you can select in university that count toward a STEM degree. And if you want, you can even use them to become an astronaut if you have the special job pack. Here’s what you need to know to grab this diploma.

How to Get a STEM Degree in Bitlife

The below majors all count as STEM degrees in BitLife, though there isn’t a diploma or certificate with that exact name. To get it, all you need to do is complete primary school and high school, then select one as your major when you start university.

  • Mathematics
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

For good measure, I kept using Read A Book and Go to the Library in Activities > Mind & Body to keep my Smarts Stat healthy. As long as you pay attention to that each year, you should be able to ace any of the courses above easily.

What to do with a STEM Degree in BitLife

After getting a STEM degree in BitLife, you can use it for several career paths. You can even decide to pursue further education by applying for options like graduate school, pharmacy school, or medical school.

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If you don’t want to continue your education, then you can head into the full-time job listings and look for an opening that suits your education. RNG doesn’t always favor you here, but I did have a couple of lives where I got a higher-paying job the first or second year. Then, there were lives where the jobs I wanted refused to show up in the listings. As it goes.

But that’s how you get the STEM degree in Bitlife and up your chances of raking in the dough. For more guides, check out our expanding BitLife hub here.

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