BitLife: How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge

Go from Factory Worker to Model in BitLife's Blonde Bombshell Challenge.

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Blonde Bombshell is one of many challenges you can complete for rewards in BitLife. While there are goals that can be completed across multiple lives, Blonde Bombshell doesn’t fit into that category. Instead, you’ll have to complete this challenge in one life. Our guide tells you the steps to take.

Blonde Bombshell Challenge Requirements

  • Be born as a female in Los Angeles
  • Become a factory worker
  • Become a famous model
  • Master the piano
  • Pose for a scandalous magazine

How to be Born as a Female in Los Angeles in BitLife

Being born as a female in Los Angeles is the easiest part of the Blonde Bombshell challenge. When you choose to start a new life, you can select your gender and birthplace. Simply scroll down and select Los Angeles. I did, however, waste a life because I skimmed the birth locations instead of actually reading them and chose to be born in Las Vegas, not Los Angeles. So don’t be like me.

How to Master the Piano

During childhood, work on mastering the piano because lessons are free when you’re a kid (your parents pay for them). There’s an element of RNG at play here, however. I had a few lives where my parents refused to let my character take lessons, and then I had some lives where my character’s piano skill wouldn’t increase past a certain point, no matter how many times I took lessons. Unfortunately, you’ll have to restart if this happens.

You can take lessons multiple times each year, though, so use that to your advantage to get as much skill from free lessons as possible. The objective for mastering the piano is checked off when the skill bar is filled.

You’ll age up as you’re working on mastering the piano, and the remaining Blonde Bombshell objectives have to be done in order. So you’ll need to work at a factory, then become a famous model, and finally pose for a scandalous magazine.

How to Become a Factory Worker

The Factory Worker job doesn’t have extra requirements aside from not having a criminal history, so you can search the full-time job listings right after high school for this part of the Blonde Bombshell Challenge. This is another area where RNG plays a role, and you won’t see Factory Worker as a job every time. If you don’t see it, you’ll need to age up and check again.

How to Become a Famous Model

Unsurprisingly, your Looks stat will be the most important factor in becoming a model in BitLife (it is the Blonde Bombshell Challenge, after all). You need your Looks to be at least 80%, but having it at 90% or higher is preferable. Most model jobs require previous experience, so you’ll have to get your foot in the door by getting a Foot Model position first, since it doesn’t require experience.

From here, you can use the BitLife Hollywood Star to become famous instantly, or you’ll have to keep selecting to work harder each year to move up in the modeling world and raise your fame.

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How to Pose for a Scandalous Magazine

And now we’re at the last objective to complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge. Like much of the game, this part is RNG-dependent, too. Once you’re famous, you can go into Activities > Fame and choose Photo Shoot. You won’t always find a photoshoot opportunity, but when you get one, accept it, and you’ll fulfill the last piece of the Blonde Bombshell Challenge. For more guides, check out our BitLife hub.

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