BitLife: How to Create a Cult

Spread your philosophy as the dear leader of your own cult in BitLife!

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The newest expansion dropped for BitLife, letting you choose commune living over the more traditional options. Which is a nice way to say that you can now become the dear leader of your own cult. If that sounds appealing, here’s how to start a cult in BitLife.

How to Create a Cult in BitLife

Since forming a cult requires the new Cult expansion, you have to spend a bit of real money before you’re able to use its features.

Purchase a Commune

Running a cult requires a commune, which is the property where you and your followers live. Go to Activities > Cult to see options available for purchase. They have Appeal bars, and the higher the Appeal, the more likely you are to gain followers. Select and purchase a commune with cash or a mortgage. Since your followers pay monthly and annual fees as part of the cult, you’ll make income to help pay off the property.

Select Your Doctrines

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Next, you decide your cult’s views and doctrines using the drop down choices. You choose three doctrines, each with a different set of entertaining options. After these steps, your cult is officially created and you start attracting followers. There’s a loyalty meter, though, meaning that your followers might not fully buy your philosophy.

How to Gain Loyalty

You raise loyalty by going into Activities > Cult > Commune and selecting options to increase engagement. This includes Teaching, Perform Ceremonies, and Outreach Missions, all of which can increase your loyalty meter. From here, you continue building your cult and gaining followers to spread your philosophy.

And that covers how to start a cult in BitLife. Unlike other tasks in the game like opening a museum, you have more options to afford the requirements of purchasing a commune and spreading whatever doctrines you select. Plus, you can convince your followers to upgrade the commune with new structures later. For more fun, visit our guide hub for topics like how to use the Black Market or how to become an actor.

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