BitLife: How to Become an Actor

Hit the red carpet by learning how to become an actor in BitLife!

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Becoming famous means investing in yourself. Before you learn how to become an actor in BitLife, you need to purchase the Actor Special Job pack for $2 (IRL cash). With this, you’ll be able to access the Actor Career and give your character the Acting Special Talent. Otherwise, you won’t be able to live like the rich and famous. And while having God Mode can help you improve your Looks stat and make landing jobs easier, it isn’t required. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Become an Actor in BitLife

Here’s how to become an actor in BitLife:

  • Create a life with the Acting Special Talent.
  • Join your school’s Drama Club.
  • Take Acting Lessons.
  • Increase your Looks.
  • Audition until you land a role.

Being a thespian in BitLife can be frustrating — there’s a lot of RNG involved, and you can only do so much to increase your chances of becoming the next Hollywood star. Some years, the game is simply against you; landing a gig just won’t happen. You’ll have to age up and try again the next year. Luckily, I’ve made enough characters into actors that I know how to make my way onto the red carpet and can show you how to become an actor, too.

How to Get the Acting Special Talent

First, you’ll want to make a custom life. The important part here is to select Acting for the Special Talent portion below the usual information such as name, gender, and location. If you have God Mode, you’ll want to edit your Looks to be as high as possible. Otherwise, you’re ready to start your new life, and your Looks are governed by RNG.

How to Join Drama Club

Once you’re past elementary school, you’re able to join extracurriculars in BitLife. Go to School > Your Current School > Activities and join the Drama Club. As long as you have decent grades, you should be able to join due to your Acting Talent.

How to Take Acting Lessons

I found that asking your parents to take Acting Lessons works better after joining Drama Club. It might just be my luck or due to age, but it feels like they denied me more often when I wasn’t in the club. However, if you go to Activities > Mind & Body > Acting Lessons and your parents agree, use this chance to increase your skill. It costs a few thousand dollars if you wait until graduation and pay for the lessons yourself.

How to Increase Your Looks

As you go through your life, you’ll discover that learning how to be an actor isn’t the biggest part. Instead, it’s your Looks! You’ll want to do activities that increase your Looks since you’ll need the stat at about 80 or higher to have the best chance at landing a role. My usual choices are:

  • Go to the gym.
  • Take a walk.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure.
  • Get waxed.
  • Get plastic surgery (once you’re at least 18).

Performing these actions each year and then getting plastic surgery when it’s available kept my Looks high enough that I didn’t run into issues.

How to Audition for Acting Roles

Now, we reach the portion where RNG comes into play quite heavily. It’s not enough knowing how to become an actor in BitLife — we must also appease the RNG gods of Hollywood! Once you’re 18, go to Occupation > Special Careers > Actor. First, you’ll want to choose Extra and get as many roles you can. You can land a full role from being an Extra, although the chances are low.

After you use up the roles for an Extra, switch to Auditions and try out for each role. I start with the television roles because you can ultimately earn more money being paid per episode. The pay can also be hundreds of thousands of dollars multiplied by the number of episodes in a season. If you don’t land a television role, repeat the process with movie roles. If you exhaust every option from both lists, you’ll have to age up and try again.

Keep an Eye on Happiness

As you get rejected for parts, your Happiness will decrease. Keep an eye on it and take breaks to have your character go to the movies, the library, the gym, or do any activity that helps bring it back up.

That’s how to become an actor in BitLife. It’s only a matter of time before you land your breakout role. From here, you can check out more guides like how to complete the Barbie challenge or the limited-time Honey, Honey challenge.

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