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BitLife: How to Complete the Honey, Honey Challenge

This guide has everything you need to know for how to complete the Honey, Honey challenge in BitLife!

Figure out what the buzz is about and learn how to complete the BitLife Honey, Honey challenge! This week’s set of requirements references the hit musical Mamma Mia! You’ll start off in the United States, live as a beekeeper, have a child, and move to Greece. But there are a few conditions you need to follow to check all the boxes.

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How to Complete the Honey, Honey Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Honey, Honey Challenge in BitLife, you need to:

  • Be born a female in North Dakota.
  • Become a beekeeper.
  • Hookup with 3+ people while working as a beekeeper.
  • Have a baby with only one of your hookups.
  • Emigrate to Greece after giving birth.

Honey, Honey Challenge 1: How to Be Born a Female in North Dakota

The first task of the BitLife Honey, Honey Challenge is the easiest. You’ll want to create a custom life, choose female as your gender, and the United States as your country. For location, you’ll select Fargo to be born in North Dakota. Then, go ahead and start your new life.

Honey, Honey Challenge 2: How to Become a Beekeeper

Becoming a beekeeper was definitely the most frustrating part of the Honey, Honey challenge because it relies heavily on RNG. You need to age up to 18 and check full-time jobs for Apprentice Beekeeper. If it’s not there, select a different job for the time being (Farmer preferably) and hit age up.

Repeat this until you see the Apprentice Beekeeper job. Since the next part of the challenge has to be done while you’re a beekeeper, this will be your focus for the time being. I had to actually start a second BitLife before the Apprentice Beekeeper job showed up for me.

Honey, Honey Challenge 3: How to Have 3+ Hookups as a Beekeeper

Now we move on to hookups. To have a hookup, go to Activities > Love > Hookup and agree to sleep with the guy that pops up. Since you need to have multiple hookups and only one baby, make sure you choose to use a condom for the first two to minimize the pregnancy chance.

Honey, Honey Challenge 4: How to Have a Baby with a Hookup

After you complete two hookups, continue hooking up with guys, but choose the option to not use a condom for a higher chance of pregnancy (and STDs, so make sure you see the doctor anytime there’s a health pop-up). Continue doing this until you get the pregnancy pop-up and choose to keep the baby.

Once you’re pregnant, you can just hit the age-up option because you need to give birth while you’re still in the United States. Then, choose a name for your new baby and pack your bags for Greece.

Honey, Honey Challenge 5: How to Emigrate to Greece

While emigration is subject to some RNG, it’s not nearly as bad as the job section. Go to Activities > Emigrate and search the drop-down list for Greece. If it isn’t there, close the window and tap Emigrate again. You’ll see the country options have changed, so you can continue doing this until Greece appears on the list. Then, request approval for emigration. After moving to Greece, the Honey, Honey challenge in BitLife will be completed, and you can choose a treasure chest for your reward.

That’s how to complete the Honey, Honey Challenge in BitLife. From here, check out more of our guides, such as how to complete the Barbie challenge or how to take a boat to sea.

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