BitLife: How to Complete the Barbie Challenge

Become a Barbie Girl by completing the Barbie Challenge in BitLife!

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With Barbie now in theaters, why not learn how to complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife? This is listed as an easy challenge, but you’ll find that RNG can make it frustrating. The plus side is that you don’t have to spend real money on any game packs, but you could use God Mode to increase your Looks if you wanted.

How to Complete the Barbie Challenge in BitLife

The Barbie Challenge requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a female.
  • Undergo all plastic surgeries except gender reassignment.
  • Become a model.
  • Live in a mansion (or similar).

How to be Born a Female

Your first step is to start a custom life and select female as your gender. You can choose any country for this challenge. I decided to use Sweden, but location won’t make much difference here.

How to Get Plastic Surgery

If you go to Activities > Plastic Surgery, you’ll find quite a few options. For this challenge, you need to get every plastic surgery except Gender Reassignment, but you can get them in any order. 

The cost here adds up, but you don’t need to do them all in one year. I had my character work a part-time job in high school for a bit of money, but you can also gather money from a full time job after graduation. Don’t bother going to college for this one.

I focused on getting the Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery first to improve my Looks since you’ll need to get a job as a model. Depending on your Stat, you might need to grab another surgery early on.

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How to Become a Model in BitLife

Becoming a model goes well with getting a ton of plastic surgery since you’ll need a high Looks stat. Generally, you can get the job once you hit 80% in Looks, but the higher your stat is, the better.

Once your character is 18, you’ll go into Jobs and search full-time listings for Foot Model, which is the entry level job for modeling. However, you might not see it since the jobs are subject to RNG. I took whatever job I could for the sake of building money for surgeries, and checked for Foot Model each year.

If Foot Model isn’t listed, your only choice is to age up and try again.

How to Purchase a Mansion (or Similar)

Finally, you need to purchase a mansion or similar home, but you have to live in it while still being a model. If you wait until retirement, the challenge will not be completed.

For this go to Assets or Activities > Go Shopping and check the Real Estate Broker options for a mansion. I was able to check this requirement off by purchasing a castle.

You might find that your salary hasn’t accumulated enough money to afford a mansion. To solve this, I went into Activities > Fame every time I aged up and selected Book, Photo Shoot, and Commercial to earn extra money. You won’t be able to do all three every year, but doing what you can will add a lot of money to your account.

Now you know how to complete the Barbie challenge in BitLife, and you can view more guides like how to achieve inner peace in India, which is part of the Eat Pray Love challenge.

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