BitLife: How to Take a Boat to Sea

In BitLife, taking a boat to sea can be part of challenges or daily quests. Learn how to do it here!

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You might want to know how to take a boat out to sea in BitLife to complete challenges or daily quests. Since purchasing a boat isn’t part of any game packs, you don’t need to spend any real money before hitting the high seas. You do, however, have to take a test to get your boating license.

BitLife: How to Take a Boat to Sea

Here’s how to take a boat to sea in BitLife:

  • Get a boating license when you turn 18 and correctly answer the test questions.
  • Buy a boat from a Specialty Vehicle Dealer.
  • Use a boat by going into your Assets menu.
    • Increase your Swim skill to survive at see if there’s an accident.

How to Get a Boating License in BitLife

If you want to take a boat to sea, the first step is getting a boating license. Go to Activities > Licenses > Boating License, which will become available when you turn 18 and costs money ( I spent $200 for my character living in America, but it can vary). Like the driving test, you’ll have to answer a multiple choice test correctly to earn the license. For convenience, I’ve included all answers below. Only the questions for the names of the boat’s sides have overlapping answers, so I included which side each term refers to in the list.

  • Distress
  • Dangerous area
  • Exclusion area
  • Diver
  • Controlled area
  • Speed limit
  • Engine power
  • Stern-side
  • Stern (Back of the boat)
  • Bow (Front of the boat)
  • Port (Left side)
  • Starboard (Right side)
  • Type B1
  • Three
  • Mooring Buoy
  • Anchorage Buoy
  • Left vessel
  • Starboard-side

How to Buy a Boat in BitLife

To buy a boat, you can either go through Assets > Go Shopping or Activities > Go Shopping and scroll down to Specialty Vehicle Dealers. The names for the boat dealers will vary depending on where you live. From there, you can choose the boat you want to purchase.

How to Use a Boat in BitLife

Using your boat is simple once you have it. Go to Assets, select your boat, and then choose the option to take it out to sea (if you’re completing the daily quest or a challenge that requires this).

The Risks of Using a Boat in BitLife

When you use your boat, there’s a risk that it will sink. If this happens, your chance of survival increases if you know how to swim. I do this by joining the Swim Team in school as my character’s extracurricular activity. To do this while your character is in school, go to Jobs > School > Extracurricular Activities > Swim Team.

And that’s how to take a boat out to sea in BitLife. For more topics, head to our guides page and check out how to marry into royalty or how to increase pet happiness.

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