Bitlife: How to Increase Pet Happiness

Learn how to increase your pet's happiness and help them live longer in BitLife with this guide!

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In BitLife, you can increase the happiness of your pet like you can with your character. Pets have several stats just like people, including Health, Happiness, Smarts, Craziness, and their relationship with your character. While these stats are shown before you decide on a pet, they can be changed based on your actions.

How to Increase Pet Happiness in BitLife

  • Starting Stats for a pet aren’t shown if the pet is a gift or found.
  • Pet Stats can be checked in Relationships.
  • Increasing Happiness can increase Health to help pets live longer.

In short, performing activities with your pet will increase their Happiness. Go into Relationships then select your pet and choose one of the following options:

  • Bathe
  • Spend Time
  • Treat
  • Veterinarian (if sick)
  • Walk

The Happiness Stat for your pet can be checked by going into Relationships, choosing your pet, and then selecting the pet’s portrait at the top.

Since I’m a dog person, I always select dogs as pets in BitLife, which means that every option listed above is available. Some exotic pet options can’t be bathed or walked, but you can still raise Happiness through treats and spending time with them.

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You can perform the same action multiple times each year. So, you can walk your pet more than once, which helps your Health Stat as well, or you can spend time with your pet. If your pet’s Happiness isn’t increasing as much, then you’ll need to either choose a different action or age up before you continue.

There are some good reasons (aside from being kind) to increase pet happiness and health. Challenges like Dr. Dolittle, Catch Em All, and Smitten Kitten require this sort of effort. Check out more BitLife guides like how to buy a house for your happy pet or take a look at our list of the best jobs.

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