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Black Clover M: Best Characters Tier List

Here's our tier list of the best characters in Black Clover M, including their best skills, abilities, and synergies.

There are 40 characters in the global release of Black Clover M that can be combined into squads of up to four characters. In this guide, I’ll provide you with a tier list of the best characters in the game, including their best skills, abilities, and synergies.

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Best Characters Tier List in Black Clover M

Here’s a quick breakdown of our best characters tier list in Black Clover M:

S-Tier Characters

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte character card in Black Clover
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  • ATK: 8,264
  • DEF: 4,818
  • HP: 52,204

Charlotte is a powerful attacker and debuffer who utilizes a number of skills, including the ability to reduce the defense and attack of her enemies, as well as inflict bleeding and incapacitate them. Her best ability is Thorn Garden, which grants an extra turn every time a marked enemy is defeated. If you smartly approach this skill, you can chain a whole series of attacks without letting your enemies take a single turn, as you’ll have them all for yourself.

Lotus Whomalt

Lotus character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 4,339
  • DEF: 3,736
  • HP: 57,420

Lotus is another excellent debuffer for your squad, but this time, your skills will mostly focus on reducing the enemy’s stamina and speed of movement. Of course, you’ll still be able to reduce their damage and incapacitate them. But my favorite of Lotus’ abilities is Prison of the Fallen King, which completely strips a target of all buffs that have been applied to it. This simple magic trick can turn the strongest enemy into the weakest one in mere seconds.


Mars character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 6,479
  • DEF: 8,661
  • HP: 71,420

No team should traverse the world of Black Clover without a strong tank and defender. Mars has an enormous HP pool, which allows him to stand against the strongest bosses. Use his taunt, stun, and fortify skills to turn him into an impenetrable wall. If you combine his Mineral Fragment and Laevateinn abilities, the enemies will have no choice but to attack Mars, even if they target your other squadmates, and he’ll get so buffed that all the incoming damage will be reduced by 34%.

A-Tier Characters

Finral Roulacase

Finral character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 1,800
  • DEF: 4,839
  • HP: 53,439

Now it’s time to look at some strong buffers and supporters. Here, Finral clearly takes the win due to his speed, damage, and stamina buffs. His best ability is Spatial Support, which increases the critical hit rate of a single ally by 22% and removes all negative status effects. Although Finral doesn’t have much power, his united attack grants him temporary immunity to damage over time effects, which can save him in some dire situations.

Rades Spirito

Rades character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 0
  • DEF: 6,212
  • HP: 81,300

Rades has an even larger HP pool than Mars, making him a staple defender, but he has absolutely no physical damage, which makes him a bit worse. However, his magical attack No. 4 Jimmy inflicts poison on all affected enemies, which can be much worse than any physical damage. Rades also grants all his allies a protective barrier using his No. 1 Carl ability, increasing their endurance by 25%. But his most valuable skill is Debuff Immunity, which allows him to block any and all debuff effects.

William Vangeance

William character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 3,999
  • DEF: 5,771
  • HP: 61,600

William is a supporter who combines the skillsets of both Finral and Rades. He can equally grant all his allies attack, speed, and stamina buffs, as well as protect them with the Fortify skill. He may not be as focused as either of them, so choose him if you’re looking for a more balanced character. What I personally like about William is his ability to play with enemies.

For example, if you use his Twisted Roots magic, he simply disables any target as if they never attempted to attack. Another ability that I highly appreciate is Magic Tree Arrival, which deflects all incoming damage back at the enemies.

B-Tier Characters


Asta character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 8,639
  • DEF: 5,521
  • HP: 68,420

Asta is both an attacker and a defender who synergizes with Yuno, a pure attacker. Once they’re paired up within the same team, both of their attacks are increased by 42%, which is a significant buff for sure. But on his own, Asta can be a bit underwhelming, although he has lots of useful defensive and debuff skills. His overall best attack is Sweep, which can be enhanced, granting him an extra 55% attack power.

Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 2,010
  • DEF: 3,988
  • HP: 58,320

If you feel like your team’s losing too much HP during battles, then be sure to include Mimosa on your roster. She’s a pure healer, with all of her skills focusing on various types of healing magic. For example, if you need to remove the bleeding status effect, then use her Dream-Healing Cradle Flower spell. And if you need to quickly heal all your allies, then apply the Princess-Healing Flower Robe spell.

Noelle Silva

Noelle character card in Black Clover M
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  • ATK: 2,075
  • DEF: 4,150
  • HP: 54,539

Noelle is another mage with specific powers that synergize greatly with Mimosa’s abilities. If you use their united attack, then Mimosa will be able to continuously heal all allies, while Noelle will increase one of her allies’ attack power by a whopping 84% and stun an enemy. On her own, Noelle can do tricks like remove freezing effects using her Water Barrier skill, but other than that, she’s pretty medoicre without Mimosa.

That’s it for our best characters tier list in Black Clover M. Stay tuned for more BCM tips and tricks articles right here.

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