Earn more amity points with the help of this guide to Black Desert Online!

Black Desert Online Amity Guide

Earn more amity points with the help of this guide to Black Desert Online!
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Black Desert Online has a very deep and complex system of relationships with NPCs. You can increase your amity score with certain NPCs, and thus gain new quests, buffs, knowledge, etc. You can see your current amity score in the left bottom corner of your screen.

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If you want to increase your amity score in Black Desert Online, you will need to play a dedicated mini-game. This guide will help you figure out how to play the amity game in the most efficient way, and get the most out of your relationships.

What You Need for Amity Mini-Game in Black Desert Online


In order to start the conversation with any NPC in the game, you need to have enough energy. The necessary amount is calculated depending on your current amity score with the given NPC. Usually, it requires two energy points to start the conversation — and the higher your amity is, the more energy you will need to spend in order to start the new conversation.

Your character earns energy through world exploration and accomplishing quests. Usually, you earn 10 energy per hour spent in the game.


If you want to start a conversation, you must make sure that you have the right kind of knowledge that the NPC of your choice would be interested in. There are different kinds of knowledge in Black Desert Online, which you can collect by completing certain quests.

If you don’t have the right kind of knowledge, the NPC will not be able to talk to you.

Understanding Amity Indicators in Black Desert Online

Interest Level and Favor

When the game begins, you will see several indicators on your screen. The top two are Interest Level and Favor. The first one indicates your chances of winning the amity game, and the second one shows the amount of possible amity points you can earn depending on your choices.

Sparking Interest

This indicator shows the rate of your success during the game. It will produce numbers depending on how many rounds you’ve won, and how many you’ve failed.

Accumulated and Maximum Favor

Accumulated Favor is the resulting number of the amity points you’ve managed to earn during the game. This number cannot be higher than the Maximum Favor, which shows the highest possible number of amity points you can earn during the game.

How to Play Amity Mini-Game in Black Desert Online

If you have enough energy and knowledge to play the game, you can start the conversation by pressing the corresponding button, and you will see a new screen with a zodiac sign. You need to fill in the empty slots on the sign with the knowledge you have.

There are three rounds available to you in order to satisfy the NPC’s interest.

Step 1: Check Your Knowledge

In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a roulette of the knowledge available to you. Each knowledge will have its own indicator of Sparking Interest. It should be either higher or lower than the NPC’s Interest Level depending on the requirement.

If you don’t have the knowledge with the right amount of Sparking Interest, then it would be wise to cancel the game, as you will most likely earn no amity.

Step 2: Fulfill the Requirement

On the top of the screen you can see the conversation’s requirement. Every time you start a new conversation the requirement will change. You must follow this requirement, if you want to satisfy your NPC’s interest.

However, usually the NPC offers the “Talk freely” option, then you need to follow the next step in order to succeed. In this case you should aim at knowledge that has Sparking Interest higher than the NPC’s Interest Level.

Step 3: Get Your Combos Right

If you see that you have enough knowledge with the right amount of Sparking Interest, you can start placing it on the zodiac. If you’ve chosen the right knowledge, the game will indicate certain combos between different kinds of knowledge placed on the zodiac.

This means that the NPC’s Interest Level will decrease in the next round by a certain amount of points depending on the strength of the combo. As a result, you will have a bigger chance of finding the right type of knowledge to place on the zodiac in the next round.

Also, start placing the knowledge with the lowest Sparking Interest and increase gradually. In this way you should have enough Sparking Interest to satisfy your NPC, and this will earn you more amity points.

In the end you can either choose to play the next round by choosing the “Continue Conversation” option, or exit the mini-game and take the points that you managed to earn. You can keep playing, but you must be aware of the fact that if you lose the next round, your previous amity points will be lost.

If you haven’t earned any amity points, don’t worry — just start the conversation once again. Remember, you will have a better chance at winning if your NPC has lower Interest Level and Favor. So aim at getting those numbers as low as possible.

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