Do you need to keep your workers running? Learn how to make beer in this Black Desert Online guide.

Black Desert Online: How to Make Beer

Do you need to keep your workers running? Learn how to make beer in this Black Desert Online guide.
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In Black Desert Online, beer is the lifeblood of your workers. Whenever they get tired and go idle, that’s time being wasted, which is a no no in the competitive environment of the game.

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To prevent wasting, you want to keep a steady supply of beer on hand to keep them gathering for you. Surprisingly, this is one of the most asked questions in the chat box, considering how important this is.

What you need:

  • Five potatoes or grain. 
  • Six mineral maters
  • One sugar
  • Two Leavening Agents
  • A cooking utensil

If you have the ingredients, you can replace the five potatoes/grain with either 2 high quality ingredients, or one top quality ingredient.

You can gather potatoes from various farms around Valia. You can do it yourself or have your workers do it. The rest of the ingredients can be bought from a cooking vendor.

If you still don’t have a house, be sure to buy one, preferably as close to the cooking vendor as possible. Place your cooking utensil inside your residence.

Once that’s done, add the ingredients to the utensil. Be sure not to place any more ingredients than listed, as any extra ingredients will be wasted. If you want more than one beer, click continuous production then maximum quantity. That will make you craft until you run out of energy or ingredients.

Now that you have beer, you can use it to feed your workers. Click on worker list, then click recover.

There you go, how to make beer. This should keep your worker resource gathering up to speed. 

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