Complete the Kamasylve Tree Event with the help of this guide to Black Desert Online: Kamasylvia -- and get some cool rewards.

Black Desert Online Kamasylvia Guide: Kamasylve Tree Event

Complete the Kamasylve Tree Event with the help of this guide to Black Desert Online: Kamasylvia -- and get some cool rewards.
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The Kamasylvia expansion for Black Desert Online is currently available for free download. It introduces a whole new area full of quests, NPCs, events, and more. The Kamasylve Tree event takes place from September 27 to October 4.

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It will require you to accomplish several quests and the rewards are quite valuable. So if you want to take a part in this exciting journey, then follow our step-by-step guide for the Kamasylve Tree event below.

How to Grow Young Kamasylve Tree in BDO

Step 1: Speak to Cartima

Travel to the Heidel City, the capital of Serendia, which you can find south of the port city Velia. In the southern part of the city locate an inn. There you should see three NPCs standing by the wall.

One of them is named Cartima, and you need to talk to him in order to get the Sacred Energy of Spirit quest. He will tell you about the energy tree that is growing in the Kamasylve Temple, located east of the Heidel City, where he serves as the priest.

Travel to the location node indicated on the map — the Kamasylve Temple in Mediah.

Step 2: Speak to Herawen

As soon as you arrive, speak to Herawen, the Kamasylve Temple chancellor. She will ask you to put 10 energy into a Bowl of Spirit, which will allow you to complete the Sacred Energy of Spirit quest.

As a result, you will get the Energy of Spirit, which will be used to grow the Young Kamasylve Tree. You will also receive a Gift of a Spirit as a reward for taking part in the event.

Step 3: Grow the Kamasylve Tree

Finally, find a Young Kamasylve Tree around the temple gardens, and start growing it by planting your energy.

Each server gets one such tree to grow, and the game will provide players with special benefits depending on the number of servers with grown trees:

  • 20 or more servers will get Black Stone Drop Rate Up
  • 30 or more servers will get Book of Combat
  • 40 or more servers will get Blessing of Kamasylve

Remember: The Kamasylvia event will last only for seven days, so get busy growing those trees. If you’re up for some more BDO guides on GameSkinny, then take a glance at the list below:

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