Blair Witch Guide: How to Get All Endings

Blair Witch offers several endings, for both Ellis and his trusty dog Bullet. Use our guide to help see every ending in the game, including good and bad.

Blair Witch offers several endings, for both Ellis and his trusty dog Bullet. Use our guide to help see every ending in the game, including good and bad.
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Blair Witch is the latest game from Bloober Team, the same studio responsible for fan-favorite horrors such as Observer and Layers of Fear. For fans of the movies, Blair Witch may be an exciting expansion of the mysterious woods of Burkittsville, Maryland.

To fully experience the mind-bending story Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, you’ll want to see the game’s multiple endings, but they can be tough to navigate correctly when you’re running from monsters or wading in time loops.

That’s where we come in. Use our guide to find the game’s alternate endings, including the good and bad endings, as well as the various fates your dog, Bullet, can meet in the game.

Yes, you can pet the dog. But be careful: you can also kill the dog.

Good and Bad Endings for Ellis

As the protagonist, Ellis can see one of two endings based on his choices.

The Good Ending Break The Cycle

To achieve the good ending, Ellis needs to spare the monsters in the woods throughout the game.

As is hinted at, you can avoid playing flashlight tag with the monsters if you keep your light off and keep your distance. Do that in every instance where it’s possible in the four-hour game. If you have trouble navigating the darkness, remember that you can use night vision mode on your camcorder to see better without the threat of monsters tracking you.

In the final chapter, if you’ve avoided the monsters throughout, you have an opportunity to net the good ending. When the woman in the dilapidated house gives Ellis orders, reject all of them. Move past each instance without doing what she says. At the end of this interaction, she’ll close a door on you. Open it once more and move along to finish your good playthrough.

The Bad Ending Take His Face

If you want to see the bad ending, either on a first playthrough because you’re evil like that or just as a completionist after the fact, you have to often perform the opposite actions throughout the game. That means disposing of the monsters with your flashlight whenever you can, for one. As this is the way most people would play anyway, it seems as though the game wants you to go down this path.

In Chapter 17, instead of rejecting the woman’s orders, follow them. They’ll be some pretty vile objectives, but if you’re in it for the cinematic or the achievement/trophy, you’re going to have to get over it. Following through with her commands until the end will net you the bad ending of Blair Witch.

Good and Bad Endings for Bullet

Bullet, Ellis’ dog, can also end in one of two spots, regardless of where Ellis ends up. To achieve either of these, your tasks are more obvious. Given the commands available to the player regarding Bullet, be sure to use the loving options whenever possible. That means pet him often, give him dog treats, and try to keep him out of harm’s way.

This should be easy to achieve with a good playthrough since you’ll already be avoiding the monsters at every encounter. Bullet would also conceivably stay out of trouble. Use the pet option frequently, especially after strenuous encounters.

For the bad ending, simply enough, the opposite is needed. Rather than pet, use reprimand when applicable, and, if your doggo-loving heart can stand it, ditch him sometimes when trouble is brewing. There’s a moment late in the game where you can put him down on the ground or carry him to safety. Put Bullet down on the ground and walk away like a cold, heartless person. This will give you the bad Bullet ending in Chapter 17.

That wraps up the many permutations of Blair Witch‘s ending. Now, which one do you consider canon?

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