Blasphemous 2: How to Ring Bells

Ring the bells using the Veredicto giant flail in Blasphemous 2.

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Bells have a special function in Blasphemous 2, their use integral to progression. Ringing a bell in itself might seem rudimentary and unimportant, but it also causes water platforms to solidify. In turn, you’ll be able to stand and hop on top of them so you can reach new areas. In this guide we’ll discuss how to ring bells in Blasphemous 2.

How to Ring Bells in Blasphemous 2

The Blasphemous 2 bells are activated by striking them with Veredicto, the giant flail weapon. At the start of the game, you can choose from three different armaments. If you picked Veredicto, then you’re in luck since this special action is available at the start. In my case, since I consider Veredicto as the best starting weapon, I was able to ring bells and traverse droplet platforms with ease.

If you did not choose Veredicto at the start, you can still acquire it later in the campaign once you reach the Sacred Entombments. I’ve included its exact location in the image below:

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Veredicto Location

Here’s what I did during my playthrough to get the Blasphemous 2 Veredicto flail:

  • From the City of the Blessed Name, I went up the ladder to take the upper-left exit, which led to the Aqueduct of the Costales.
  • The Aqueduct of the Costales has several sections that required traversal and jumping. Eventually, though, I reached the Sacred Entombments.
  • The main mechanic in the zone is lowering the sand so you can reach the bottom of the pit. However, before doing all of that, I simply continued heading left (i.e. the northwestern edge of the map).
  • There, you’ll find a ruined statue, which rewards you with the Veredicto. Since I already picked it at the start of the game, I received the Anointed One sculpture instead, which simply increased its damage.

How to Use the Veredicto to Ring Bells

With the Veredicto equipped, you’ll be able to ring bells in Blasphemous 2. One hit is all it takes for the sound waves to echo and, soon enough, floating droplets will solidify and turn into platforms. Take note, however, that this only lasts a few seconds, so you need to be quick. However, you can actually strike a bell several times, creating multiple sound waves to keep platforms solid for a longer duration.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about how to ring bells in Blasphemous 2. Don’t forget to check out other weapon-related abilities, such as using teleportation mirrors and destroying flesh walls. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Blasphemous 2 guides hub.

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