Blocky Beast Mode Football Tips and Tricks

Take a control of the football field with these tips and tricks for Blocky Beast Mode.
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There’s no safer (or quicker) way to live out your NFL dream than by playing Blocky Beast Mode Football. In the game, your goal is to run down to the endzone untouched as NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch.

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Considering his pedigree, it’s only natural the game focuses on Lynch’s skills to outrun and juke his way through the opposition victory. And like real life football, the mobile game is quite fun and rather addictive. It’s also pretty tough. So here are some helpful tips that will hopefully get you across the goal line and into the Blocky Beast Mode Football hall of fame!


How to Get Past Defenders

As you run in Blocky Beast Mode Football, more and more defenders populate the field the further you go. So how do you stop those pesky defenders? Knock over defenders by shooting off the side of the track, smashing into them from the side as you come back around. Timing is important because you’ll jump to the side for a second or so. Keep this up and you’ll eventually clear a lot of ground.

Using Beast Mode

What is Beast Mode and how does it work? Glad you asked, friend. When you hit enough defenders, you’ll activate beast mode. Beast mode provides you certain buffs, such as running at double the speed and invincibility for 20 seconds. This will allow you go through any defender in your way and cover a large portion of the field faster. Activating this super move often will better your chances of a high score. 

Experience System

You’ll earn stars for long runs and by completing daily missions. You also have a star bar in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Once your star bar fills up, you’ll gain a level. 

You’ll then be rewarded with the opportunity to play a match game to win a new character. This meta game involves matching three cards to unlock more powerful players. If you happen to mismatch them, you can watch an ad in order to flip one more card.

Gaining Characters

The game does offer alternatives for earning characters other than the experience match game. You can play the gumball machine to earn 100 gems, and each run at the machine is a chance to earn a new character.

You can burn through those gems pretty fast though. So how do you win free gems? Your fast track is to head to the title screen and hit “free gems”. You’ll then be able earn 10 free gems for each video you watch. So you can sit back and watch videos until you get 100 and repeat the chance for new characters.

Game Over? Not Yet!

Watching an ad also allows you to continue your run if you fail to hit a high score. In fact, you can watch multiple ads to keep going. Each time you get knocked down, you can watch an ad to keep going until you get a high score. So if you’re having a bad day, take a minute to watch a video.

Hopefully, these tips result in landslide victories for you. Like they say in football, take things day by day. Blocky Beast Mode Football can be purchase from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store for free.

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