Bloons TD Battles Strategy Guide for Newbies

Bloons TD Battles pits you against human opponents, so gain some knowledge to defeat your foe!

Bloons TD Battles pits you against human opponents, so gain some knowledge to defeat your foe!

Much like previous games in the mobile franchise, Bloons TD Battles remains a tower defense game. Unlike previous games, however, this iteration is multiplayer-only, so the opponent you face is going to be a human being capable of countering every move you send their way and defeating you with their own tactics. So, with this in mind, players need to get on top of their game and beat those random players from around the room.

Lucky for you, GameSkinny is here to offer a strategy guide for brand new players to the game. We’re compiled some tips, tactics, cheats, and strategies to ensure your win-loss ratio is in favor of the former.

General Tips:
  1. The Tack Shooter is one of the first towers players have access to. Unfortunately, it is also one of the weakest. Until you unlock the fourth-tier upgrades for said tower, you should avoid it. Ring of Fire or Blade Maelstrom are what you are after.
  2. Camo Bloons are a pain in the butt, so be sure to have a couple of Ninjas or upgraded Dart Monkeys in order to combat them. Snipers are also great at popping lead camo bloons.
  3. Don’t plan for the late game, as upon the insertion of MOABs or BFBs, your chances of survival decrease drastically. Use MOAB Maulers with Frag Bombs to pop them quickly.
  4. When you acquire enough cash, don’t be afraid to spam multiple Snipers or Ninjas, as they can prevent camo bloons and stop other bloons in their tracks effectively.
  5. Ninjas are actually pretty useless when it comes to regular bloons sent by an opponent. Instead, use cannons to topple those assaults.
The Most Effective Towers:

Dart Monkey – Despite being the very first tower you have access to, the Dart Monkey is immensely useful in combating various types of bloons. Along with being the cheapest option available to the player, the Dart Monkey can be upgraded to be faster, shooter farther, and their darts will become far stronger. 

Boomerang Monkey – The Boomerang Monkey is useful both running solo and as part of a combination assault with Ice Towers, Bombs, or perhaps even Ninjas. The boomerang can be upgraded, plus is quite flexible against various types of bloons.

Ninja Monkey – The Ninja Monkey is probably your best option against the more powerful bloons. They have immense stopping power, and their upgrades improve their effectiveness tenfold. Combine a Ninja with a Cluster Bomb and you have a well-rounded defense against almost anything.

Bomb Tower – The Bomb Tower is probably the most useful tower you can get your hands on. It is flexible, has a large radius, and stalls bloons for other towers to pop.

Strategy #1:

The first strategy that is immensely useful for new players is this: Ninja, Sniper, and two Optional towers. Begin the game with a single Ninja Tower, then upgrade it as fast as possible to 2/1 to receive seeking shurikens.

To combat your opponent, begin spamming them with bloons. A highly effective method is to send 2 grouped sets of bloons, then 1 spread apart, then repeat the process.

Should your opponent send bloons of his own, however, simply place a second Ninja Tower and upgrade it to 2/2, then upgrade your first one to the very same. You can, obviously, place more Ninja Towers as they are needed.

Upon fully upgrading the aforementioned towers, you can – and should – place a Sniper Tower. Upgrade this to 1/0. Be sure to set their combat targeting to ‘Strong’.

Upon unlocking regrow bloons to send to your opponent, begin spamming them as often as possible. This simple attack should defeat your opponent with ease.

Strategy #2:

Begin this second strategy by using a single Ninja Tower, upgraded to 2/3, and then begin sending bloons to your enemy almost immediately. After acquiring enough money, drop a Bomb Tower, upgraded to 3/2, as soon as possible. Continue sending bloons while doing this.

Your third tower should be another Ninja, which you want upgraded to 3/2. A Sniper, upgraded to 1/2, will be next. Then another Ninja. Stop for a moment and take a look at your enemy’s defenses now. If they are strong, then you should upgrade the most recent Ninja Tower to 2/3. If not, then buy another one and upgrade this one to 3/2.

You should be receiving around 400 – 500 coins every couple of seconds by now, if you’ve done everything correctly. If not, then the chances of you losing are rather high, unfortunately. Save up around 6000 coins, then send 3-4 MOABs or a single BFB to the other player. This act should ensure you win the game.

The above strategies and guides should give you enough basic knowledge of Bloons TD Battles to ensure you win multiple rounds against a human opponent. Remember, this is only a basic guide.


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