BnS Buddy is Fixed Now

BnS Buddy wasn't working for a few days. Now it's back, but does it work?

BnS Buddy wasn't working for a few days. Now it's back, but does it work?
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BnS Buddy is Blade & Soul‘s popular mod manager that allows players to play the game with ease. It is essential for many players to enjoy the game with good FPS. Some won’t even attempt playing without this application.

Due to a recent NCSoft update, BnS Buddy wasn’t working. While the original estimate for the program’s fix was the first week of May, developer Endless was able to upload a “quick fix” on Friday. Given the rushed release of this fix, users were instructed to stay away from the addon tab and page three in settings. At first, there was only support for NA players, but EU players can now use BnS Buddy again as well.

Players should first be aware that an Unknown Network Error will pop up when starting the game. This error is harmless and won’t affect your gameplay. Simply press OK and continue on.

How to Get BnS Buddy to Work

The following steps were provided by developer Endless:

  1. Launch BnS Buddy
  2. Click Restore
  3. Close BnS Buddy
  4. Open settings.ini
  5. ncsoftlogin should be set to true
  6. Save and close settings.ini
  7. Run BnS Buddy as administrator
  8. Enter your login details
  9. Patch to launch the game

If You Are Having Problems…

  • Check that you have the latest version of BnS Buddy installed.
  • If you’re having trouble downloading BnS Buddy and receiving the error 403 Forbidden, try using a VPN to bypass any IP problems.
    • In this latest version, VPNs are completely compatible with the program, so you won’t need to turn it off when you’re logging in.
  • Remember to choose the server you are on in BnS Buddy.
  • When logging in, type your email address in all lowercase letters. If your password contains any special characters, you may want to change it temporarily. Special characters were not supported in this update.
  • Check that the game itself is updated.
    • Update your game through the NCSoft Launcher and File Repair if needed. Be sure to restart BnS Buddy after any updates are completed.
  • If you have trouble playing because of different IPs, whitelist them under your account security settings on the NCSoft website. 
  • Check that your game’s config files are not modified. To check this, click Restore on BnS Buddy. Your status should be clean.
    • If it’s not, go to your drive path > Program Files (x86) > NCSoft > BnS > contents > Local > NCWEST > data and delete config and config64 files, as well as any backups of these files. Repair your game and repeat all steps above.  

In the next update, Endless plans to fix the Unknown Network Error popup, as well as any other reported bugs. He also plans to add extra settings so that there will be no errors with the client trying to use multiple language paths. A new feature to save login details should be implemented soon as well.

If you experiences any problems with BnS Buddy that can’t be fixed with the above methods, post all details of your problem to the BnS Buddy thread for help.

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