Brave Frontier – Base Stat Guide List

Let's look at Brave Frontier's unit stats!

Let's look at Brave Frontier's unit stats!

If you’re like me and everyone I know who plays Brave Frontier, you like looking at and comparing unit stats. It’s all right, it’s completely normal. I think.

The official Brave Frontier wiki has information on most units listed, but opening a bunch in separate tabs to compare got kind of old — which has led to the contents in the links below.

I’ve worked up several stat comparison charts to compare different units’ base stats to others of the same type.

Do keep in mind these only compare base stats. All information was taken from the official wiki. Units within the game but without their base stats listed on the wiki cannot be included in these lists. For the time being, all units’ base stats are available.

Comparisons within evolution tiers

Comparisons within star tiers

Element-exclusive stat and BB charts

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