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Brave Frontier – Beginners Tips and Advice for New Players

Knowledge is key to making the most of your time in Brave Frontier.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

If you’ve found yourself here, I probably don’t need to tell you Brave Frontier is pretty darn fun. The game’s addictive and challenging gameplay has kept me glued to my phone for weeks. Is it any wonder it’s so popular in Japan and Korea?

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There are a few aspects of the game that aren’t so obvious, but new players do need to know about them to make the most out of their time with the game. I can’t say I’m a pro or anything, but after being bombarded with questions by my friends I feel there are just some things that need to be gotten out there.

This list is only beginning! I have more to add and will be over the coming days, along with several other guides for new Summoners!

Miscellaneous tips

  • Upgrading your town resources does not make them replenish instantly, it just allows you to harvest the next tier of items excluding those of previous tiers. Resources will replenish every three hours!
  • It is not possible to obtain 3-star or above units from battle unless it’s a special event. 3-star and above units can only be obtained through gem summoning, which requires 5 gems each.
  • Don’t forget you can expand your unit capacity and item capacity by using gems. 1 gem = 5 slots in both instances. Free players should start investing in these only after they’ve got the basis down for a solid long-term squad.
  • Chests with Mimics in them will shake slightly! If you see a shaking chest and you don’t feel your party is healthy enough to take one on, simply tap ‘Proceed’ and avoid it. Sometimes Mimic chests’ shaking isn’t so obvious, so keep an eye out.
  • You regain 1 Energy per 10 minutes and 1 Arena Orb per hour. Think carefully about your Energy usage to make the most out of it!
    • Pay attention to how much XP you have left to level. If you’re close to leveling and have enough energy to run a lower level dungeon that can ding you, you absolutely should do it.

Sparks and squad building

I paired these two aspects of the game together, because in many ways they are two sides to the same coin. Building a powerful squad means looking at a number of factors:

  • Hits per attack – Each unit hits a different amount of times per attack. Generally, the more the better due to additional Spark chances. Two notes on Sparks:
    • A Spark nets you additional Burst Crystals, hearts, Zel, Karma, and does additional damage to targets. 
    • A Spark is set off if two or more units hit the same target within the exact same frame
    • You must learn to time your attack taps and unit order to get as many Sparks as possible! This takes a great deal of practice.
    • A unit’s placement does not affect how often it is attacked, but it does affect how quickly it gets to its target! You want to place your units to easiest set off Sparks. Ranged or fast melee attackers may be better suited to the back row, depending on your preferences and tap order. Mix, match, test, and decide what’s best for you!
  • Element – Some players are fond of mono-color squads while others go for certain combinations or even rainbow squads. This is up to your preferences and your luck with Gem Summoning.
  • Leader – Your squad leader will set the basis for your most used unit type and overall playstyle. Choose wisely!
  • Brave Burst type – Every unit has either an attack, recovery, or support-type Brave Burst. You generally only want one recovery in a team (though some prefer two). Multi-hit attack BBs and those that do AoE damage are almost always preferable to those that only hit a single target or only hit 1 or 2 times.
  • Unit type – This is a really important stat for all of your units and is something you need to pay attention to when choosing whether to use a unit or not. The types are as follows:
    • Anima – Unit will have high HP growth at the expense of REC
    • Breaker – Unit will have high ATK growth at the expense of DEF
    • Guardian – Unity will have high DEF growth at the expense of ATK
    • Lord – Well-rounded growth
    • Oracle – Unity will have high REC growth at the expense of HP


Some events are special, but some are on a rigid schedule! Below is a list of daily events and what they’re good for. There is always some sort of special event going on alongside these.

The official wiki has some great information on daily events and how to tackle them. This list is just to give you an idea of what to expect. 

There is at least one special event happening at all times, with some on a set schedule. The following are the events that happen every week and what they are best for:

  • Monday: Congregation of Souls – This dungeon gives a great deal of Karma. Level 1 will give up to 8000 Karma and Level 2 will give up to 19000 Karma.
  • Tuesday: Enchanted Paradise – Nymphs, Spirits, and Idols ahoy! This is a great event to run for evolution fodder.
  • Wednesday: Cave of Desires – Level 1 can net you up to 3 Mimics and Level 2 can net you up to 3 Bat Mimics. Both are sought-after evolution fodder.
  • Thursday: Oasis of the Gods – This event dungeon gives high-level/rare evolution fodder, specifically Fire, Light, and Dark Totems.
  • Friday: Hostile Relics – All three levels in this dungeon give a large number of synthesis materials. The higher the level, the higher level of materials you will receive. 
  • Weekend: The Golden Vault – This is bar none the best way to get Zel. Each level provides an increasing amount of Zel. The Jewel Ghosts, Kings, and Gods sometimes captured in the vaults can be sold for a high price. Don’t use them as fusion fodder!

Fusion and evolution

  • Metal Gods are the best unit leveling fodder. These can be obtained via fulfilling certain event criteria and via honor summoning. It’s often best to not use these on units near their max level, they provide a great deal of experience! Metal Ghosts and Kings also provide a good amount of experience.
  • You receive 50% additional XP for fusing units of the same type as the base unit. For instance, fusing a Water type into another Water type will net you more experience than fusing a Fire type into a Water type.
  • Don’t go fusing units willy-nilly! There are at least two very good reasons to be careful with your fusions:
    • Fusion fodder units aren’t unlimited — meaning you are going to have to grind if you run out/low or need types in particular. This is a big reason not to fuse units you’re not sure about early on in the game. That and how much XP and Zel it takes to level higher level units.
    • Fusing is expensive! Fusing some units is cheaper and more efficient than others, but they are more difficult to come by than the standard units you find just progressing through the campaign. Keep an eye on costs and determine whether it’s really worth that Zel cost to fuse at a given time.
    • You absolutely don’t want to accidentally level a unit’s Brave Burst before you’re sure. See below:
      • There is a chance a unit’s Brave Burst (BB) level will level when you fuse it with a unit having the same type of BB skill. For instance, if you fuse a unit with a restorative BB with another one with a restorative BB, there is a chance the base unit’s will level up.
      • There are three types of BB: Attack, healing, and support.
      • When a unit evolves they lose all of their BB levels! All that effort you put into leveling a unit’s BB is wasted upon evolution. Only aim for it specifically if you think you will be using that evolution tier for a long time.
      • If you are set on leveling a unit’s BB, do so right when you get them or right after they evolve. The higher a unit’s level, the higher the fusion cost!

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