Bravely Default 2 JP Farming Guide: Early Game Methods

Wondering how to farm JP in Bravely Default 2?Here's an easy way to get started farming points very early in the game.

Wondering how to farm JP in Bravely Default 2?Here's an easy way to get started farming points very early in the game.

In Bravely Default 2, you’ll be constantly switching jobs and unlocking skills and abilities to figure out which sets up are the best for you in any given situation. Each job has abilities that can be equipped outside of that path and unlocking as many as you can is incredibly useful. Fortunately, farming for Job Points (JP) is much much easier in Bravely Default 2 compared to previous entries in the series. 

Though you can start farming early in the game, one thing to note is that JP doesn’t scale that much between early-game and late-game areas, so it’s much more efficient to farm early-game enemies since they will be much weaker. Here’s an easy way to maximize your JP gains.

Bravely Default 2 JP Farming

First off, you’ll want to prioritize reaching Level 12 with the Freelancer Job with the farming method before you decide to level up any other Job.

The Freelancer Job has the JP Up (Level 9) and JP Up and Up (Level 12) abilities that increase the amount of points you earn after battle. The former increases JP gained by 1.2x, and the latter by 1.5x. They can also be stacked together for 1.7x boost, and are also equippable outside of the Freelancer path.

Where to Farm JP

As for the actual farming method, go to the beach area outside of the first town in the game, Halcyonia. You should see some fish and gel-looking enemies called Sahagin and Flannacotta, respectively.

Next, you’ll want to go into your menu, select the Bait section, and make sure you have Fresh Fish. These are dropped by aquatic enemies like those mentioned above.

Consuming Fresh Fish ensures that you’ll be fighting consecutive waves of these aquatic enemies; doing so adds a multiplier to the amount of JP earned after battle.

The multiplier threshold is as follows:

  • 2 waves: JP 1.2x multiplier
  • 3 waves: JP 1.3x multiplier
  • 4 waves: JP 1.6x multiplier
  • 5 waves: JP 2x multiplier

When you use Fresh Fish, your party leader in the field will sparkle and attract aquatic-type enemies. You’ll see a heart icon above them, and they’ll come towards you to initiate battle.

Now simply defeat them! The number of waves you get is random, and you’ll most likely fight 2-3 waves, with the occasional 4-wave battle and the rare 5-wave battle.

One last thing to note: try to fight at night time as much as you can, because more enemies show up at night during battle, thus granting more JP when defeated.

Since Fresh Fish has a chance to drop from these aquatic enemies, the more enemies there are per battle, the higher chance you have for it to drop. Consequently, the longer you can keep continuing this cycle. After all, the Fresh Fish bait is only temporary.

After each battle, you’ll usually get around 150-250 JP. Combine that with both the consecutive battle multiplier, as well as the Freelancer abilities, and you’ll get huge amounts of JP very early on in the game with relatively low effort.

And that’s how you farm JP early on in Bravely Default 2! For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Bravely Default 2 guides hub, where we have articles on the quest log and each of the game’s endings. 

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