Bravely Default: Job Unlock Guide Part 2

This is the conclusion to my Bravely Default Job Unlock Guide.

This guide continues my Job Unlock Guide. Visit Part 1 if you want the see the Jobs before these.

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  • Combines items for new effects.
  • Location – You unlock Salve-Maker in Chapter 3 by defeating Qada. Go to Starkfort 3rd Floor.
  • Amazing support Job. Boosts stats by singing.
  • Location – You unlock Performer in Chapter 3 by defeating Praline. You can start the quest after getting the poison sample from Grapp Keep.
    • Talk to Goodman and choose to go to the bridge.
    • After the scenes, you have to travel around the word to find different bards.
    • Go to Grandship, then to the bar. Speak to the people there to progress the quest.
    • Head to Ancheim and talk to the NPC marked on your map.
    • After, go to Caldisla, Florem, and Hartschild City in that order to talk to the rest of the bards.
    • Return to the Grandship bar to get the tools you need.
    • Go back to Goodman, then choose to go to the bridge again.
    • After the scenes, the fight with Praline will start.
  • Lowers enemy attacks. Highest Physical Attack of all Jobs.
  • Location – You unlock Pirate by defeating Barbarossa in Chapter 3. You get a side quest from Zatz and Datz that talks about a ghost ship.
    • You have to go to a foggy area, then choose to enter. The location changes between north of the Grandship and southwest of the Grandship.

  • Fast attacker. High attack when dual wielding.
  • Location – You unlock Ninja by defeating Kikyo in chapter 3.
    • After taking Egil to Caldisla, go to the mansion in Hartschild to watch the cut scenes.
    • Talk to everyone, then go to the front door to trigger another cut scene.
    • Go to the cellar once you get the key, then a battle will start after the scenes
  • Uses powerful counter attacks. Great with Katana.
  • Location – You unlock Swordmaster in Chapter 3 by defeating Kamiizumi.
    • Go to Starkfort after clearing the Temple of fire.
    • Go up the middle stairs until you reach the top floor to fight Kamiizumi.
  • Uses powerful attack magic. Boosts Black Magic.
  • Location – You unlock Arcanist in Chapter 4 by defeating Victoria.
    • Follow the main quest until you reach Eternia Central Command 1st Floor.
    • Go to the eastern room to fight Victoria and Victor.
  • Good support magic. Boosts White Magic.
  • Location – You unlock Spiritmaster in Chapter 4 by defeating Victor.
  • Another tank. Can go beyond the BP limit of 3.
  • Location – You unlock Templar in Chapter 4 by defeating Braev.
    • Follow the main quest through Eternia Central Command until you reach Braev.
Dark Knight
  • Uses HP to unleash devastating Dark attacks.
  • Location – You unlock Dark Knight in Chapter 4 by defeating Alternis.
    • Follow the main quest until you release all the crystals and go to the Holy Pillar.
    • After the cut scene, you fight Alternis.
  • Absorbs stats and abilities from enemies.
  • Location – You can unlock the Vampire in Chapter 4 by defeating DeRosso in Vampire Castle. It is a long process, so check my Vampire Quest Guide for full details.
  • Uses summon magic to buff yourself.
  • Location – You can unlock the Conjurer in Chapter 6 by defeating Yulyana.
    • Go to Yulyana after releasing all the crystals, then watch the cut scene.
    • After the cut scene, go to Eternia Central Command. Take the elevator, then the stairs until you reach the top to see another cut scene.
    • Go back to the 48th floor, then to the room in the northeast. You fight Alternis.
    • After the fight, go to Eternia City. Head north in town to the central healing tower, where you will fight Braev.
    • Leave town afterwards, then go to Twilight Ruins. You fight the three sisters at the end.
    • Go to Norende Ravine after the fight. You fight a group of enemies at the end.
    • Finally, go back to Yulyana to fight him.

That concludes the Job Unlock Guide. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. For tips and other guides, check out my Master Guide List for Bravely Default.

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