Bravely Default: Vampire Quest Guide

Need help finding the locations of the six keystones for the Vampire Job in Bravely Default? I got you covered! Check out this guide.

The Vampire Job is very unique and complicated one to get. It is also very powerful. I will tell you how to start the quest and guide you through each location you must visit before opening the Vampire Castle. If you want a guide for using the Vampire Job after unlocking it, check out my Vampire Job Guide.

This guide will cover the Vampire Quest line including:

  • Vampire Castle: Where it is, and how to get there.
  • Keystone Locations: Where to find all 6 keystones.
  • Elemental Dragons: How to defeat the dragons at each keystone.
  • Vampire Castle Revisited: Defeating Lord DeRosso and gaining the Vampire Job.

Vampire Castle

You can reach Vampire Castle in Chapter 4.

  • After defeating Braev the Templar, go to the south exit of Eternian Central Command, towards Eternia City.
  • Take the path to the west and defeat the zombie dragon if you haven't already.
  • The dragon isn't that hard, but you have to kill it twice because it will revive itself.
  • Follow the path to the castle, it is the blue marked location on your map to the northwest.
  • [Cut-scene] After watching the scenes, you can now get the 6 keystones.
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Each slide will show you the location on the map. The big, yellow dot is your location (I went to the exact location of the keystone). You have to inspect the shrines at each location to start the boss fight.

I highly recommend using a Spiritmaster that is at least level 5 and someone who can either slow down the dragons or speed up your party. I used the Pirate's Shin Smash. You get it at Job level 5 and it lowers the target's speed by 25% for four turns.

Each dragon has 99,999 HP and is a different element. All dragons use three attacks.

  • Bite - Physical damage to one ally.
  • Eye - Makes your party weak to whichever element the dragon is.
  • Elemental attack - Attacks your party with the dragon's element.

Earth Dragon: Ladon

  • It is in the southwest part of the northwest continent.
  • This dragon's elemental attack is Megaton Press. In addition to dealing Earth damage, it also has a chance to paralyze your team.
  • Equip your Spiritmaster and whoever will alter speed with an Earthing Rod. If they get paralyzed, the fight becomes a lot harder.
  • Slow down the enemy or speed up your team on the first turn and use the Spiritmaster's Convert BP ability to give you 2 extra BP.
  • Keep the Spiritmaster's BP as high as you can, when it uses Earth Eye, cast Stillness. Now you don't have to worry about damage for two turns.
  • Use these two turns to build up BP and heal if you need to.
  • When Stillness is gone, go all out attack and Default with the Spiritmaster. The dragon should use the Eye ability again, if not, wait until it uses it to cast Stillness again.
  • Keep up this method to make sure you don't get hit by the breath attack. The battle will take a while, but this is the easiest method if you do this during chapter 4.

Dark Dragon: Jabberwock

  • This dragon is in the middle continent. It is to the east of Lontano Villa.
  • It has the Fearsome Breath attack, which causes Dread. This can really hurt if your Spiritmaster gets it because you can't use Default while in Dread.
  • Cure your Spiritmaster of Dread when he/she gets it.
  • Otherwise, use same method used to defeat the Earth dragon.

Fire Dragon: Salamander

  • This dragon is in the southwest continent. It is to the east of Starkfort.
  • There is no additional effect to Salamander's Fire Breath.
  • Use the same method used to defeat the Earth dragon, just without Earthing Rods.

Water Dragon: Mizuchi

  • This dragon is on an island far north of Yulyana Woods.
  • It uses Icy Breath, which can cause Stop on your party. If you level a Time Mage to 7, they get Stop Immunity support ability.
  • Use the same method used to defeat the Earth dragon.

Light Dragon: Shinryu

  • This dragon is northeast of Yulyana Woods.
  • It uses the Holy Breath attack, which also causes Blind. Equip Silver Glasses to the party to negate this effect.
  • You can also use Salve-maker's Inoculate with Eye drops to cure and make them immune to Blind for six turns. You get it at level 5.
  • Use the same method used to defeat the Earth dragon.

Wind Dragon: Wyvern

  • This dragon is a little northwest of Ancheim, the city in the southeast continent.
  • There is no additional effect with the Storm Breath attack.
  • Use the same method used to defeat the Earth dragon.

Defeating Lord DeRosso

Lord DeRosso can drain your BP and add to his own with Battle Thirst. The two big skills you need to watch for are Energy Burst and Bone Crush.

  • Energy Burst does a ton of damage that can nearly kill you at full health.
  • Bone Crush does more damage the lower your HP is.
  • Using the Templar's Rampart skill will completely shield you from Energy Burst, making the fight a lot easier.

If you need help with anything else, check out my Master Guide List.


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