Bravely Second Beginner Tips and Tricks

Check this guide for everything you need to get started in Bravely Second for the Nintendo 3DS!
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Bravely Second, the sequel to Bravely Default, has all the classic JRPG goodness that the first had. It uses turn-based combat, but has a unique system via the Brave and Default stances in combat.

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This game has even more jobs than the last one with a total of 30, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

I’m here to guide you through the beginning stages of the game and teach you everything you need to know to get started in this deep JRPG.

This guide will go over everything you need to know to get started in Bravely Second including:

  • Basic Info – How the game and controls work.
  • Jobs and Abilities – The different jobs and abilities available.
  • Extra Tips – Extra things to help get you started in the game.

Basic Info

While walking around in the world, you can check the bottom screen on the 3DS to view the local map. It shows icons for shops, inns, save points, and quests. Orange quests are main quests and blue quests are side quests.


When in combat you can press R to go into Default stance or L to go into Brave stance.

Default makes your character defend that turn and gain 1 BP, which is used for abilities or taking an extra turn.

Brave will let you take an extra turn, up to 4 total, but costs 1 BP each time.

If your character has negative BP at the start of the turn, they cannot make any actions. The lower the number, the more turns they must skip.

For example, if you have -3 BP, you will not be able to make any action on that character for 3 turns. This is why using Brave is a risk/reward system.

If you have low BP and use Brave, you will want to defeat the enemy that turn, or have to wait and risk losing the battle.

On the other hand, you can use Default to save up to 4 BP, use it up in 1 turn and still be able to act the next turn.

Bravely Second

The feature Bravely Second lets you stop time while in battle. This lets you take multiple turns without using any BP. It also makes you automatically deal critical hit damage and raises the damage cap to 999,999.

You use this by spending SP, which you can see at the bottom screen below your characters. There are no situations that require you to use Bravely Second, so feel free to use it whenever you are in trouble.

Jobs and Abilities

There are 30 jobs available in the game, but you must unlock most of them as you progress. Each Job has specific abilities and equipment they are good at using. I won’t go into full details here, but I will list each Job and give a general description.

They are listed in the order you get them, though some of them requires you to choose between 2 Jobs. You will be able to unlock them all, just unlock the ones you didn’t choose much later.

  • Freelancer – Average, all-around Job
  • Wizard – Uses Spellcraft to add effects to spells
  • Charioteer – Can Triple or Quad wield and can raise their weapon proficiency during battle

Bravely Second Charioteer Job

  • Bishop – Healing Job that raises potency of magic by repeatedly using it 
  • Fencer – Uses different stances to give stat bonuses and access to special attacks
  • Thief – Can steal items from enemies
  • Red Mage – Uses a mix of Black (Damage) and White (Healing) magic.
  • Astrologian – Magic class that provides multiple stat boosts that last many turns
  • Summoner Summons creatures to attack. You must find them before you can summon them.
  • Swordmaster – Uses counter attacks
  • Catmancer Uses abilities learned from enemies
  • Hawkeye – Proficient with guns and can add elements to weapon attacks.
  • Merchant – Earns more money from battles and can spend money to provide buffs
  • White Mage – Uses high level healing magic
  • Black Mage – Uses high level damaging magic
  • Ranger – Proficient in bows and can deal extra damage to certain enemy types
  • Ninja – Can duel-wield to take away the penalty of holding two weapons and has high Evasion
  • Knight – Tank class that can block attacks for allies and duel-wield shields
  • Patissier Uses food to lower enemy stats

Bravely Second Patissier Job

  • Exorcist – Can rewind up to 3 turns to restore HP, MP, or BP to where it was in that turn
  • Monk – Can fight unarmed for high damage
  • Valkyrie – Proficient with spears and can use Jump to leave battle for a moment, then come back with a hard-hitting attack
  • Pirate – Proficient with axes and uses attacks to lower enemy stats
  • Performer – Uses singing to provide buffs to allies.
  • Time Mage – Uses support magic to buff allies and debuff enemies.
  • Dark Knight – Sacrifices HP to deal extra damage
  • Guardian – Uses soul power to attack or possess people
  • Kaiser – Uses several buffs and debuffs that affect both enemies and allies.
  • Templar – Tank that has a higher BP limit
  • Yokai Has a support ability that raises then max Job level to 11 and high level magic you can only get from certain enemies

You must buy each spell for magic Jobs from a magic shop. You can only use magic if you unlocked the rank by leveling your Jobs.

As you level a Job, you unlock new abilities to use in and out of battle. Each Support Ability is a passive ability that you can equip to your character. Each character has 5 slots and abilities can use up 1 or more of those slots. If you have an ability that uses 3 slots, you will only have 2 slots left even though you only equipped 1 ability.

You can also pick another Job as your secondary by selecting Job Command. This lets you use all the abilities of the other Job, but only ones that you have unlocked. Each character has their own levels for each Job, so you have to level them individually.

The stats you gain are also different for each job and you only gain stats from your main job. This allows you to try out many combinations to find what you like the best.

Extra Tips

  • Play the demo if you are on the fence about buying the game
    • The demo gives a general idea of how the game will be, plus you can transfer a few rewards to the main game.
  • While in combat, press left on the circle pad to view info on the enemy
    • This helps a lot if you used The Freelancer ability Examine to reveal info.
    • You can check it at anytime in the battle to know how you should attack and if you should defend.
  • Do tutorial quests
    • They help learn more about the game and give helpful items at the beginning.

Bravely Second Tutorial Quests

  • Complete all side quests
    • You will want to level and the side quests help a lot with that.
    • If you don’t meet the recommended level of the main quests, you probably missed side quests somewhere.
  • Armor is more important early on than weapons
    • Armor keeps you alive, specifically non-heavy armor. You will want to get that on your party before you start upgrading weapons.
  • Level up the Wizard Job
    • If you are playing any type of magic-based Job, you will want to level up Wizard. Spellcraft really helps, especially later in the game.
  • Level up the Thief and/or Merchant Job
    • Thief is a good Job for making money and getting good items since you can steal from enemies.
    • Merchant passively earns more money, but may be better suited for later in the game.

That’s all for my Bravely Second Beginner Tips and Tricks. Let me know if you have any questions and check back for more guides coming soon!

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