Learn how to use the most important magic Job in Bravely Second, Wizard.

Bravely Second Wizard Job Guide

Learn how to use the most important magic Job in Bravely Second, Wizard.

The Wizard Job in Bravely Second is the ultimate magic Job. The magic they use alone may not be the best, but the Spellcraft ability they get is used for all magic. This opens up many possibilities for what you can do with magic in the game.

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If you plan on using any magic in Bravely Second, Wizard is a Job you’ll want to level. For help with anything else in the game, check out my Master Guide List.

This guide will go over everything about Wizard in Bravely Second including:

  • Unlocking Wizard – How to unlock the Job.
  • Equipment Guide – The optimal equips for this Job.
  • Ability List – Each ability and when you get them.
  • Cross Job Tips – Which Jobs work well with this one.
  • Combat Tips – How to use this in battles. 

Unlocking Wizard

You unlock Wizard after defeating Bella in the Prologue.

Equipment Guide

Wizard has S rank in Rods.

Bravely Second Wizard stats

  • Use light armor that increases magic attack and defense.
  • Equip a shield in your off-hand if you want more defense.
  • Accessories that increase INT, MND, or MP are useful.
  • Rods are the best choice if you want to add magic attack, or have a sub job that deals with attack magic.

Ability List

The specialty for Wizard is Spellcraft.

  • Spellcraft – Gain access to the Spellcraft command. Using spellcraft costs an extra BP. 
Level 1
  • Sprit Magic – Enables the use of Spirit Magic: Heat, Frost, Lightning, Tornado, Soil, Shining, Shadow, and Spirit.
Level 2
  • Spellcraft Lv 1 – Enables the use of level 1 spellcraft: Dart and Needle.
    • Dart – Inflict effect at the beginning of the turn.
    • Needle – Inflict effect on identical targets within the same party.
Level 3
  • Damage Dispersion (Support Skill. Cost: 1)  Disperse 15% of damage to each ally when hit by a single-target attack and sustain the remaining damage.
Level 4
  • Spellcraft Lv 2 – Enables the use of level 2 spellcraft Hammer and Mist.
    • Hammer – Inflict effect as physical damage.
    • Mist – Inflict effect over multiple turns.
Level 5
  • Spellcraft (Support Skill. Cost: 2) – Lets you use Spellcraft on other Jobs.
Level 6
  • Spellcraft Lv 3 – Enables the use of level 3 spellcraft: Blast and Wall.
    • Blast – Inflict effect on group.
    • Wall – Inflict effect upon taking damage.
Level 7
  • Absorb M.Damage (Support Skill. Cost: 1)  Recover HP equal to 25% of the damage taken from a magic attack. 
Level 8
  • Full Charge (Support Skill. Cost: 1) – Doubles the potency of offensive magic when MP is at full capacity.
Level 9
  • Spellcraft Lv 4 – Enables the use of level 4 spellcraft Rain and Arrow.
    • Rain – Inflict effect on four random targets.
    • Arrow – Inflict effect on selected enemies.
Level 10
  • Ventriloquism (Support Skill. Cost: 3) – Spellcraft abilities will also affect any magic cast by allies during the same turn.
Level 11
  • Spellcraft Lv 5 – Enables the use of level 5 spellcraft: Nova.
    • Nova – Inflict effect on all allies and enemies.

Cross Job Tips

Bravely Second Wizard Job

  • Any magic Job is great for Wizard. Spellcraft is practically essential for all of them
  • Low health and Defense Jobs to take advantage of Damage Dispersion.

Combat Tips

Wizard has the highest INT, but their unique spells aren’t any better than say Black Mage or Summoner.

Wizard shines when you actually use Spellcraft as a support ability when playing another job. This is especially useful for healing Jobs.

You can use Raise Mist, for instance, to make Raise happen at the end of the turn for a few turns and revive anyone that dies. 

My favorite is to use Spellcraft for Astrologian abilities. You can use the Blast spellcraft effect to make those support spells affect the entire team.

Rain spellcraft is fantastic for single target damage because you basically get 4 attacks for the price of 1.

That’s it for my guide on the Wizard Job in Bravely Second. Let me know if you have any questions!

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