Brawl Stars Volley Brawl: Best Brawlers Tier List Guide

Here is a tier list of the best brawlers for the new Volley Brawl mode from the Jurrasic Splash update in Brawl Stars.

Here is a tier list of the best brawlers for the new Volley Brawl mode from the Jurrasic Splash update in Brawl Stars.
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The Jurassic Splash update for Brawl Stars has brought the brand new Volley Brawl mode, which pits teams of players against one another to score goals for great victory. Naturally, not all brawlers are equally useful for this mode.

This guide showcases only the best brawlers in Brawl Stars Volley Brawl in a tier list fashion. Some of these brawlers you already expect, but others will be a complete surprise as they excel in this mode over others.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl S-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 720

Volley Brawl mode is all about landing that ball in the enemy’s territory, and Gale’s Force! is perfect for this purpose. It can push enemies away from the zone and let that ball land without any interference.

His Spring Ejector ability is also effective against single targets that try to get to the ball. Gale can push them up in the air, making their attempts at reaching the ball fail. But you could also use it to propel your own teammates to get closer to the ball.

Gale is a real gift for this type of mode. Be sure to use him if you can.


  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Heavyweight
  • Speed: 770

The only real competitor to Gale is Frank. He is the only one who can disrupt Gale’s game by using his Active Noise Canceling gadget that makes him immune to Gale’s Force! ability.

Frank can also do a similar trick to enemies with his Stunning Blow that stuns all enemies for a couple of seconds, which is more than enough to drop your ball onto an enemy zone.

Lastly, he’s got the biggest health pool of all brawlers, which can keep him alive for a long time and allow him to get the ball even through a lot of damage.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl A-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 720

Lou in many regards is similar to both Gale and Frank.

He can use his Can-Do super skill that freezes the ground and prevents enemies from getting to your zone or failing to protect their own. He can also start Brain Freezing them one by one and render them useless for the time while you or any other teammate claims the ball.

So why isn’t he an S-Tier? Well, Lou’s got a low health pool and his gadgets aren’t that good. But he is definitely a good addition to any team.


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Dashing Assassin
  • Speed: 820

Mortis is really good at only one thing, but this makes him an excellent brawler.

He can easily dash forward using his Shovel Swing, deal damage to an enemy player, and get the ball land on the enemy zone.

His high mobility allows him to do this trick over and over again, and not that many brawlers would be able to stop him.

But other than that, Mortis is quite subpar in comparison to Gale and Frank.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl B-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Fighter
  • Speed: 720

Use Squeak’s Sticky Blomb and Big Blob abilities to take control of the enemy’s zone by sending out lots of little bombs that stick to brawlers and explode sending them out of the protected area.

Although Squeak’s appeal is quite limited in Volley Brawl, his crowd control abilities can be very useful at the most important moments of the game.


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 820

Max is a typical support character that is designed to help others win.

Use her Let’s Go! super skill to increase the speed of movement of your entire team. Th speed boost is quite significant, adding at least 30% to your teammates’ mobility.

Her gadgets can also do some good work, like returning her back to the previous position. There could be cases where this ability can help you reclaim a previously lost ball.


  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Speed: 720

Just like Squeak, this thorny brawler is all about crowd control.

All of his abilities are in one way or another use thorns to either damage or simply slow down enemy players.

His most useful ability is Stick Around! that does both of those things at the same time, which can be a good way to prevent enemies from retriveing the ball in the zone.

Those are the best brawlers in Brawl Stars Volley Brawl. For more Brawl Stars tips and tricks articles, be sure to check our dedicated hub page.

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