Breach: Complete Exorcist Build and Play Guide

Stop your team from dying in Breach, and become the best support player around with this complete Exorcist guide that goes over spells, talents, and gems.
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The Exorcist in Breach is a shotgun-wielding hero in the Hedge school of magic. It is a specialist in the art of exorcism, expelling Veil Demon from possessed enemies. It is very unique, even when compared to the other two classes in the Hedge school: Demon Hunter and Occultist.

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This guide will focus on a very specific support build for Exorcist, which is best used in pre-made teams or teams with high damage output. I’ll go over the skills that can be used in this build as well as gear, talents, gems, and tips on playing it.

Full Support Exorcist Build

Exorcist build screen

Exorcist is listed as a Specialist, which means it works differently from other roles in Breach, and it has a unique mechanic. For the Exorcist, this is the Exorcism mechanic, which allows them to Expel enemies that are possessed by Veil Demons. No other class in the game has a spell that can do this.

This build allows the Exorcist to fully support their team with healing, debuffing the enemy, and keeping the Veil Demon from possessing enemies.


You will need to level Exorcist to Level 8, Occultist to Level 8, and Demon Hunter to Level 4 to unlock every spell and slot for this build.

The spells are:

  • Exorcism (Exorcist Signature)
  • Marked Shot
  • Hellfire
  • Binding Circle, Confound, or Explosive Shell
  • Healing Pact

Here is a description of these spells along with what class they come from:

Exorcist (Specialist)

  • Exorcism (Signature Ranged, AoE)
    • Deals 200 damage and moderate impact to all enemies hit in its cone.
    • Applies Expel for 5 seconds if a target is possessed.
    • Expel forces the target to be de-possessed and prevents re-possession.
    • Passive Effects: +15% Bonus Basic Attack Damage.
    • 12 second cooldown.

Exorcism is a straightforward ability. Your main goal is to use it whenever you see an enemy possessed by the Veil Demon, especially strong or elite enemies.

If you notice that the Veil Demon doesn’t possess enemies often, you can also just use it as a damage ability.

  • Confound (General Ranged)
    • Deals 80 damage and interrupts the target enemy.
    • 20 second cooldown.

Confound is an option if you don’t want to use Binding Circle. It is the only ranged interrupt in the game, and it can be useful for stopping dangerous abilities, such as Stone Togor’s stomp that stuns everyone.

  • Explosive Shell (General Ranged, AoE)
    • Deals 500 damage and very high impact to all enemies hit in its cone.
    • Enemies affected by Expel take an additional 500 damage.

This is another replacement for Binding Circle if you wish to deal a bit more damage. I would only take this spell if you anticipate being able to Expel Veil Demons a lot, as you will only deal double damage to those targets.

Demon Hunter (Assassin)

  • Marked Shot (General Ranged, Ailment)
    • Deals 250 damage to target enemy and decreases their Damage Resistance by 20% for 6 seconds.
    • 12 second cooldown.
    • Unlocks at Level 2.

Marked Shot is a great ability since it will lower the enemy’s defense and allow your team to deal more damage. Even if you aren’t doing a lot of damage yourself, the team as a whole will be doing more.

  • Binding Circle (General AoE)
    • Creates a trap at your location that deals 150 damage and applies Root to all enemies when triggered. Last 6 seconds.
    • Breaches cannot be placed on the Binding Circle.
    • 20 second cooldown.
    • Unlocks at Level 4

Binding Circle is a great ability for trapping a bunch of enemies so that your team can take them out. It is also useful for stopping a possessed enemy so that you can more easily hit it with Exorcism.

Exorcist build attacking dummies in training.

Occultist (Support)

  • Hellfire (General AoE)
    • Deals 100 fire damage every second for 5 seconds in an aura around you. 
    • Purges buff effects from all nearby enemies.
    • 20 second cooldown.
    • Unlocks at Level 4.

Hellfire is a fantastic ability simply for its purging mechanic, as certain Veil Demons can buff their allies. One particularly troublesome buff is the immunity buff that Taskmasters give to enemies.

This buff makes them immune to damage for 10 seconds and they also reflect damage back. Hellfire can get rid of these buffs instantly so your team can get back to attacking them.

Hellfire also does decent damage to every enemy around you, so that can help take out groups of enemies.

  • Healing Pact (Ultimate AoE)
    • Heals nearby allies for 1,000 health.
    • Max Charges: 4

Healing Pact charges up quickly, especially when you have the right talents and gems. If managed correctly, you won’t need another healer, so the rest of the team can focus on dealing as much damage as possible.


The talents you want can be on different pieces of gear, so I’m going to list the talents rather than specific gear pieces.

They are:

  • Healing Pact now cleanses all debuffs from the affected allies.
  • Hellfire now removes all debuffs from the caster.
  • Cooldown and Charge Accrual for All Spells reduced by 12.5%.
  • Revive Potions

This build’s talents and gems revolve around lowering your cooldowns and getting your Ultimate faster. This means you will want to get the cooldown talent on two separate pieces of gear.

Hunters charm skill effects.

Choosing between Healing Pact cleanse and Hellfire cleanse depends on who is getting targeted more. If you are mostly being focused, it is better to take the self-cleanse from Hellfire, and if your teammates are getting more debuffs, Healing Pact cleanse is the way to go.

I usually chose the Revive Potions as the last talent because it is safer than relying on your team to revive you. You should also have plenty of potions if you are managing your Healing Pact correctly.


Cooldown and Ultimate Accrual Rate Gems are what you should focus on for this build:

  • Light Sapphire of Advancement (Blue Gem): +7.5% Ultimate Accrual Rate
  • Ruby of Recurrence (Red Gem): -4.5% Cooldown and Charge Accrual for All Spells
  • Light Ruby of Advancement (Red Gem): +15.25% Ultimate Accrual Rate
  • Marked Shot Duration (Prismatic Gem): Increases Marked Shot debuff duration by 50% and its cooldown by 20%.
  • Hellfire Duration (Prismatic Gem): Reduces the duration and cooldown of Hellfire by 20%. 

These gems, combined with the talents, will put you slightly over the 50% max Accrual Rate for your Ultimate. However, your other spells won’t be capped out yet.

As for the remaining Blue Gem slot, it is your preference. Health and Damage Resistance gems are good choices for this.

Combat Tips

As a full support Exorcist, your main job is to keep the team from dying and keep Marked Shot on a strong or primary target.

Be sure to always attack with your basic attack when your spells are on cooldown because it generates your Ultimate much more quickly.

Otherwise, always look out for enemies that get possessed or have troublesome buffs so that you can use Exorcism and Hellfire as needed. Also, place the Binding Circle where groups of enemies run, or on strong enemies to make them more vulnerable.

If neither of the previous actions are needed, you can safely use Exorcise and Hellfire on cooldown to maximize your team’s DPS.

That’s all for the guide on the Exorcist of the Hedge school in Breach. Leave a comment if you have any further questions or have Hedge school builds of your own.

If you want general information and explanations of mechanics in the game, check out the Breach Beginner’s Guide. For specific builds, check out our guides page for tips on: 

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