Breathedge Guide: From Your First Scrapper to Suitcase

How to survive in space without losing your chicken.

How to survive in space without losing your chicken.

Unlike other survival games out there, Breathedge doesn’t pit players against zombies or other monsters, but rather they fight against the clock. The oxygen clock, that is. As the case, players will have to readjust their behavior in order to reach the end of the first chapter available in the Steam Early Access.

Since outer space is so big (duh), it’s easy to get frustrated with all there is to gather and explore. This guide will explain what to focus on first, how to build the most important tool in the game and where to find the blueprints to create the equipment that will help explore the farther areas in the chapter. 

Start Small

After investigating your room and the Processor, step out into space and proceed with the gathering.

Ignore the big chunks of metal and ice that float around during your initial excursions as you don’t have a Scrapper to break those things apart. Focus instead on the smaller objects floating right around the door: nutritious goo, ice and metal.

Of the three, ice and metal will be the priority since ice makes water needed to quench your thirst as well combine with the goo to make nutrition package for when you’re hungry although thirst depletes at a faster rate.

Metal is also important since it will help build the Scrapper. Gather these three resources in short trips in order to have enough water, food and a Scrapper or two to start off with.

How to make the Scrapper

The Scrapper is the most important tool to build in the early game. Once built it can be used to break apart the bigger balls of metal and other resources.

Where the Scrapper really comes into play are the other containers floating in space. Busting these containers open will reveal other important resources such as plastic, rubber and batteries.

  • The blueprint will be available once you create and use the Cryptographic Debugging Station on the Interphone
  • Grab four pieces of metal floating around the ship (there’s no need to venture that far)
  • Use the Processor to make the Scrapper

The Search for More Air

Heading down from your room will lead to two important areas. The first is a spot where the “largest condom in the world” is located. Surprisingly, condoms do more than make sex safe since they’re used to increase your oxygen reservoir as an oxygen balloon. This increases your oxygen capacity by 50.

When you explore the farther areas, an upgraded oxygen balloon blueprint can be found giving you even more air to breathe. This area also has the oxygen candle that can provide a boost of air when needed and will be used to help build the next important item.

Further down from large condom is an oxygen station. Not only will this room act as a rest stop to refill your air, but also the oxygen station blueprint is available here. These stations can be deployed anywhere in space and can, like that room, act as a pit stop to get more air.

Before you leave, also check the box with the light right next to the door into the oxygen room. There’s a Scanner and examining it will give you the blueprint to build the tool. Use the Scanner to learn how to build more equipment needed for the chapter. 

Where to Find Your First Suitcase

At this point you’ll be exploring more, which means your inventory space is probably getting a little tight.

Going straight from the door where the oxygen station was found is another wreckage some distances away.

It’s here that there will several stacks of boxes. Use the Scrapper on them and one will contain a suitcase, which will act as a storage container you can carry with you providing even more space to carry equipment and resources.  

You Have the Power

Batteries are important to create the later equipment needed to complete the chapter. Several can be found in containers and radios found in multiple areas.

To make your own batteries in the Processor, you need the blueprint and  alkali, which can be found on asteroids.

You’ll need a Grabber to extract alkali from asteroids. The blueprint for the Grabber becomes available once you examine your grandfather’s back scratcher next to the bed. 

Acquiring these tools and pieces of equipment will make the rest of the chapter a breeze. A long breeze of about four hours or so. Expect to see Breathedge chapter two by the end of the year, look for guides on further chapters here on GameSkinny!

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