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Brown Dust 2: Best Characters and Costumes ReRoll Tier List

Reroll only for the strongest costumes in Brown Dust 2, using our tier list guide for the best characters.

Having a Brown Dust 2 characters and costumes tier list at your fingertips gives you insight into the best combinations to reroll. The game currently includes 40 characters, and each character can equip one of three available costumes, either for free via Story Packs or by rerolling gacha packs. Only a small number of characters are available through story mode, with most coming from the game’s gacha system. Our tier list guide will tell you the best Brown Dust 2 characters and costumes to reroll.

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Brown Dust 2 Character Reroll Tier List

I’ve separated the best Brown Dust 2 characters and costumes to reroll in three tiers: S, A, and B. It’s important to acknowledge that this ranking is based on the game’s global launch, and I’ll update it as things change throughout the game’s life cycle. Here’s a snapshot of the tiers and characters; I go into more detail below.

  • S-Tier
    • White Reaper (Justia)
    • Top Idol (Helena)
  • A-Tier
    • The Destruction (Alec)
    • Killer Doll (Lecliss)
  • B-Tier
    • Steel Engine (Rafina)
    • The Sharpshooter of the Mist (Gray)

Brown Dust 2: S-Tier Characters

White Reaper (Justia)

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  • Story Pack: Knight of Blood
  • Life Skill: Cook

Justia tops our best Brown Dust 2 character and costumes reroll tier list because, well, she’s a terrific character that can be unlocked super early in the game through the second story pack. Her best costume is White Reaper because of the true physical damage and her amazing support abilities.

Her main attack is Quarter Moon Jab, which is one of the most destructive moves in PvE. Place her in the center or in front, and she’ll destroy all of your enemies at once. I was also pleasantly surprised by her support skills, which heal her and all her allies after each battle. As you can imagine, it’s been incredibly useful. However, I would reroll her since you get her for free anyway.

Top Idol (Helena)

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  • Story Pack: Gacha
  • Life Skill: N/A

Although Helena doesn’t have Life Skill and can be obtained only by rerolling costumes, she’s indispensable in both PvE and PvP due to her massive damage reduction abilities.

Her main skill, Let’s Sing Together!, decreases all incoming damage by 20% for four turns. This ability covers all allies with a protective shield that’s highly efficient in the latter parts of the story, where enemies become challenging and appear in multitudes.

You can place her anywhere on the grid, and she’ll do her job well. Top Idol is such a unique costume that I’d absolutely recommend keeping it once pulled.

Brown Dust 2: A-Tier Characters

The Destruction (Alec)

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  • Story Pack: Gacha
  • Life Skill: N/A

Alec is a great alternative to Justia, but unlike Justia, he doesn’t have a Life Skill. You’ll need to get lucky with your Gacha pulls, or else you’ll never see him in play. Regardless, he tops the A-tier of our reroll list because of how useful he can be.

Just as the name suggests, The Destruction costume is all about damage, so I’d suggest placing him right in the front row to maximize his damage output. His Raging Strike attack is devastating, dealing true physical damage of 200% ATK. There’s also a chance of dealing critical strikes, which makes him one of the best true DPS characters for both PvE and PvP.

Killer Doll (Lecliss)

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  • Story Pack: Gacha
  • Life Skill: Revive

Killer Doll is the only tanky costume in Brown Dust 2 that has a Taunt skill. On top of that, Lecliss can protect her allies in a similar fashion as Helena, although she’s a bit more expensive when it comes to SP.

Both of her skills synergize well; taunting enemies and protecting allies with Curse Replica, and then restoring HP with Revive is just awesome. This combo will serve you well in both PvE and PvP. Since I wasn’t able to get her during the story mode, I’d recommend keeping her in case you pull her from your Gacha packs.

Brown Dust 2: B-Tier Characters

Steel Engine (Rafina)

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  • Story Pack: Gacha
  • Life Skill: Danger Detection

Rafina combines a lot of different playstyles, including AoE DPS, tanking, support, and trap detection. She can be useful on almost any team in both PvE and PvP. Unfortunately, you don’t always want a specialized costume like Steel Engine — but when you encounter a gang of jocks with barrier shields, she can really help you out.

Her best skill is Machina Call, an AoE attack that deals physical damage in a cross-shaped configuration. It can be really powerful, especially at the start of the battle when all enemies are still intact. Her Danger Detection skill detects and removes traps, which can make a difference in certain matchups. If you pull Rafina from your Gacha, be sure to keep her for those specific moments of need.

The Sharpshooter of the Mist (Gray)

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  • Story Pack: Mist Man
  • Life Skill: Danger Detection

Gray is a fun DPS character with the same Life Skill as Rafina. So, if you can’t get Rafina via rerolling, then you can pick this costume up during the fourth story pack for free. Also, Gray is much more focused on damage than Rafina, who is a mixed type of character.

His best skill is Triple Shot, which allows you to place him behind the frontliners and automatically deal lots of damage to a number of enemies. Sharpshooter isn’t as tough as other DPS costumes on our list, but he’s a solid ranger, and he’s free. Obviously, I’d suggest rerolling him unless you don’t mind having duplicate costumes in your inventory.

Those are the best characters and costumes in Brown Dust 2. Stay tuned for more Brown Dust 2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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