A guide explaining Crypto Keys and how to collect them in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Crypto Keys

A guide explaining Crypto Keys and how to collect them in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.
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Have you been killing it in Black Ops 3?  You’ve taken the time to learn all the new maps, and you’ve even optimized all your load outs so you’re geared for every contingency. You have the KD to say you are hot shit. But why does that N00B have some fire gear you’ve never seen, while you wear common wet stuff?

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Well, he has obviously been to the black market and spent some Crypto Keys. Luckily you should have a few of your own keys saved up by now!

What are Crypto Keys?

Crypto keys are a new multiplayer currency joining unlock tokens. Players can use this in-game currency at the black market. Here players can choose between normal and rare supply drops to purchase. These supply drops contain three cosmetic items; ranging from taunts and gestures to scope variants and skins. These items will be randomized; purchasing the rare drop will ensure you receive at least one rare item or better in your drop. This is the only way to obtain a lot of this content, and using the keys is not at all difficult.

How to get Crypto keys

Treyarch made Crypto keys accessible and easy to obtain. For every match you complete from start to finish, you are awarded Crypto keys. Keys are awarded regardless of whether you won or lost the match. This system uses a progression bar. As long as you are winning matches, this bar will fill and award you Keys. Treyarch will also periodically release double crypto key weekends.

Crypto keys can also be purchased through the in game store using cash

When you purchase a rare crate a random number of keys will also be awarded to you along with your three other drops.


There are no ways to “speed” it up, but here are some tips to keep things efficient.

  • Even if you lose you will still earn keys.
  • You only get a key when you play a match from start to finish. Joining in the middle will not count. Try and stick to one lobby.
  • Leaving matches is unadvised. Leaving a match midway through reduces the points added to your progression bar.
  • Play faster game modes. The more matches you can play the faster you will collect keys. Team Deathmatch and Free for All are good for this.
  • Win. Players have reported as much as a 20% boost to their progression bars while on a winning streak.
  • Players have witnessed an increase in keys earned during double Xp weekends.
  • Take advantage of Double crypto key weekends

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