Here are the locations of all four wonder weapons in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Unlock All Wonder Weapons

Here are the locations of all four wonder weapons in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players can unlock four new wonder weapons in the game’s Zombies mode. All four variants are based on a single D.I.E. Shockwave base weapon and four elemental upgrades. This means that you need to unlock the base weapon first, and then chase the rest of the upgrades.

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This guide will provide you with the required steps on how to unlock these wonder weapons.

How to Unlock D.I.E. Shockwave Wonder Weapon

Before you can obtain the base wonder weapon, you must turn on the power generator by following these steps:

  1. Pay 500 credits to enter the green door of the building at spawn
  2. Go upstairs to the second floor
  3. Pay 750 credits to clear away the barricades
  4. Turn left and enter the bedroom
  5. Pay 1,000 credits to open the door at the perk machine
  6. Approach the red cross
  7. Pay 1,250 credits to clear away the debris
  8. Enter the Facility through the tunnel

Once you’re inside, look for a door of the Control Room. Search around and you should find it quickly, then follow these steps:

  1. Turn left once you’re in the Control Room
  2. Pay 1,500 credits to enter the Medical Bay
  3. Pay 1,500 credits to enter the Particle Accelerator room
  4. Follow the power marker
  5. Pay 1,750 credits to turn on the power

When the power is finally on, you will get a prompt that the Megaton boss is outside. Go out to kill both of his clones and pick up the Golden Key Card.

Now you need to go back into the Facility and enter the Weapons Lab. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Golden Key Card on the computer
  2. Pick up the D.I.E. Remote Control
  3. Go back to the very first building at spawn
  4. Enter the living room on the first floor
  5. Search for the glowing blue light and interact with it

This will activate the D.I.E. Machine, which you can use to kill zombies that start swarming the room. Once they’re killed, a smaller room with the D.I.E. Shockwave weapon will be revealed.

How to Unlock Wonder Weapon Upgrades

Once you’ve obtained the base wonder weapon, you can start your search for four elemental upgrades.


The ice variant can be accessed on the top floor of the building at spawn.

  1. Locate the box to your left, which is on the edge of the building
  2. Shoot it and pick up the dropped flask
  3. Locate a tree with fungus near the pond
  4. Lure another Megaton zombie to that location
  5. Let it interact with the fungus

The radioactivity from Megaton will turn the fungus into a slush, which you need to fill the flask with.

  1. Return to the Medical Bay at the Facility
  2. Locate a box at the entrance to the Particle Accelerator room
  3. Use the radioactive slush in the flask to unchain the box

You will find the first elemental wonder weapon inside the box, which is the Cryo-Emitter.

Nova 5

Go back to the top floor of the first building and locate a gasbag at the other end of the building, which can’t be reached on foot. Use the suction ability on your wonder weapon to pick it up. Then:

  1. Return to the Weapons Lab at the Facility
  2. Insert the gasbag into the machine near the blueprint on the wall
  3. Defeat the Plaguehound

When this is done, pick up the gasbag and go to the crashed plane outside the Facility. There will be a box near the plane, which you can break with any melee weapon. Inside you will find Nova 5, a toxic wonder weapon.


At the Facility, enter the Particle Accelerator room and look under the Pack-A-Punch machine. There you will see a portal to the Dark Aether, where you need to collect three crystals at the following locations:

  • Plane Crash Site: near the entrance of the tunnel that leads to the Facility
  • Nacht Der Untoten: above the stamina machine located on the roof of the first building at spawn
  • At the Pond: on your way to the Facility tunnel

All three crystals spawn separately, so you will need to re-enter the portal three times for each of the crystals.

Once you have all three crystals, go back to the Particle Accelerator room and shoot the box on the first floor with all three crystals. It will open up revealing the Electrobolt wonder weapon.


Enter the Dark Aether at the pond and locate a small box under the crashed plane. Break the box with any melee weapon and pick up a fuse. Then:

  1. Return to the Weapons Lab at the Facility
  2. Insert the fuse into the plasma cutter
  3. Leave the Dark Aether
  4. Go back to the pond

You will see a truck with a small box inside. Open it and pick up the final wonder weapon, Thermophasic.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock all wonder weapons in Cold War Zombies. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share! 

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