Call of Duty: Ghosts Synopsis and Achievement Guide

Achievement tips and tricks.

Infinity Ward has decided to change the pace a little and surprise us with a new COD title, Ghosts, after giving gamers the popular Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. The game starts off with an explanation of how these “Ghosts” came about, then bleeds into a present day San Diego, California landscape setting.

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We meet a father, Elias Walker, who is spending some quality time story-telling with his two sons, Hesh and Logan, when some tremors start to begin. You, as Logan, follow Hesh and Elias back home to make sure everything’s alright. Your father seems to know what is going on (saying the tremors aren’t an earthquake, but something called “Odin”), and breaks off to get his truck.

You follow Hesh to the house and become trapped inside. The two of you force open the back doors to a bright flash. You are now taken back 15 minutes earlier, to the Odin spacestation orbiting the earth. After it is invaded by Federation, you (as Baker) and Mosley have to shut down and destroy Odin. You do this, and fall to Earth. Flashback to Hesh and Logan’s house, where they open the house doors. Odin crashes in front of them and the ground starts breaking up around them. You and Hesh run through streets, debri, and homes to get picked up by your dad, and Call of Duty: Ghosts flashes across the screen (end of the first level).

The rest of the game is based off 10 years later, when the brothers are part of a military organization, and their father is the head of a special ops group called Ghosts. He sends you out to find Rorke, a defected Ghost who feels he’s been betrayed, and to fight the Federation that he leads.

You have a whole new arsenal of weapons to choose from, ranging from the Honeybadger, F80, L115 sniper, to heat-seeking RPG’s and remote sniper rifles. You also can control a german shepherd through one of the levels to assist in taking out enemies, pilot an Apache helicopter, and operate a tank with heat-seeking missiles. Repelling, knifing underwater, and scooba-diving are also enjoyable parts of the game.

Additionally, there are a total of 50 achievements in the game (9 of them “Secret”), 41 of which are listed below with their respective Gamer Points. Accumulate 290 Gamer-points purely from going through the game itself on any difficulty (330G on veteran). We will cover some of the achievements we have unlocked in as much detail as possible (highlighted) to bump up your Gamerscore and get the most satisfying experience out of the game.


  1. Ghost Stories: Complete the 1st level “Ghost Stories” on any difficulty, worth 5 gamer points
  2. Spatial Awareness: Kill your first enemy in the Campaign, worth 10 gamer points
  3. Brave New World: Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica by completing the 2nd level “Brave New World” on any difficulty, worth 10 gamer points
  4. Liberty Wall: Take down both attack helicopters in “Brave New World” level, worth 10 gamer points
  5. No Man’s Land: Make it to San Diego by completing the 3rd level, “No Man’s Land” on any difficulty, worth 10 gamer points
  6. Blimey O’Riley: Pounce on 10 enemies while in control of your german shepherd, Riley, worth 10 gamer points
  7. Struck Down: Find Ajax by completing the 4th level, “Struck Down” on any difficulty, worth 10 gamer points
  8. Waste Not: Kill a person or vehicle with every shot fired from the remote sniper rifle, worth 10 gamer points
  9. Homecoming: Defend Los Angeles by completing the 5th level, “Homecoming” on any difficulty, worth 10 gamer points
  10. Go Ugly Early: A-10 strafe 50 enemies, worth 10 gamer points
  11. Legends Never Die: Hunt down Almagro by completing the 6th level, “Legends Never Die” on any difficulty, worth 10 gamer points
  12. It Came from Below: Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in “Legends Never Die”, worth 10 gamer points
  13. Federation Day: Gather intel on Rorke by completing the 7th level, “Federation Day” on any level, 10G
  14. Sleeping Beauty: Kill a sleeping enemy in face down rappel section, 10G
  15. Carbon Faceprint: Catch the photo copier with your face, 10G
  16. Birds of Prey: Capture Rorke by completing he 8th level, “Birds of Prey” on any difficulty, 10G
  17. Burn Baby Burn: Destroy 80 fuel containers, worth 25G
  18. The Hunted: Make it out alive by completing the 9th level, “The Hunted” on any difficulty, 25G
  19. Jungle Ghosts: Finish the mission without breaking stealth, worth 25G
  20. Clockwork: Hack the system by completing the 10th level, “Clockwork” on any difficulty, 25G
  21. Deep Freeze: Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes, 25G
  22. Atlas Falls: Distract the Federation Fleet by completing the 11th level, “Atlas Falls” on any difficulty, 25G
  23. Grindin’: Blow the pressure valves on your 1st attempt, 40G
  24. Piece of Cake: Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran difficulty, 100G
  25. Into the Deep: Destroy the enemy ship by completing the 12th level, “Into the Deep” on any difficulty, 20G
  26. David & Goliath: Take down the LCS on the first go, 20G
  27. End of the Line: Storm the factory by completing the 13th level, “End of the Line on any difficulty, 20G
  28. Cog in the Machine: Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone, 35G
  29. Sin City: Plan your next move by completing the 14th level, “Sin City” on any difficulty, 20G
  30. Jackpot: Destroy 21 slot machines, 20G
  31. All or Nothing: Gather the troops by completing the 15th level, “All or Nothing” on any difficulty, 20G
  32. End of Your Rope: Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it, 20G
  33. Severed Ties: Destroy the Federation’s satellite array by completing the 16th level, “Severed Ties” on any difficulty, 20 G
  34. Fly-by-Wire: Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile, 20G
  35. Loki: Commandeer the enemy space station by completing the 17th level, “Loki” on any difficulty, 20G
  36. They Look Like Ants: Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods, 20G
  37. The Ghost Killer: Confront Rorke by completing the 18th level, “The Ghost Killer” on any difficulty, 20G
  38. Tickets Please: Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train, 20G
  39. Audiophile: Collect all 18 Rorke files, 15G
  40. Secret
  41. Secret
  42. Secret
  43. Secret
  44. Secret
  45. Secret
  46. Secret
  47. Secret
  48. Secret
  49. Safeguard: Reach round 20 in Safeguard, 20G
  50. You’ve Earned It: Earn the mask by completing the campaign on Veteran difficulty, 40G

Spatial Awareness:This achievement is a given. You pick it up the first level, Ghost Stories, when you (as Baker) wrestle with a Federation intruder for their MTAR X2. Use RS aim, RT to fire, kill the intruder, and gain the achievement.

Liberty Wall: Pick up this achievement by taking down both helicopters in “Brave New World.” After going through a movie theater with Hesh and his dog Riley, meeting up with Corporals Davis and Williams, and going through several buildings (taking out a few enemies along the way), you’ll come to a rundown gas station. Take out the enemies here and go through a tube in the wall. You’ll be greeted by a host of bad guys, so stay covered as much as possible.

You’ll see a helicopter hovering around; wait for it to turn so that the passenger side is facing you, then take out the passenger and pilot with your Honeybadger. The copter will start smoking and go down. Work through some more enemies until you come upon a heat-seeking RPG. A second helicopter will start firing on you and your squad, so light it up with your laser reticle and pull RT to fire an RPG. It’ll take 3-4 RPG’s to take down the 2nd helicopter, so protect yourself from fire by taking cover between shots. After it goes down you’ll pick up the achievement and 10 gamer-points.

Blimey O’Riley: After syncing with Riley for the 1st and 2nd times in “No Man’s Land”, you can kill enemies by controlling Riley directly. Kill ten enemies to get the achievement; the bulk of them will be during the second sync. Don’t kill guards standing together, but ones that are isolated from the others. Kill from behind using LB and being patient. Easy 10G.

Waste Not: Obtained in the “Struck Down” level, pick up this achievement by being methodical and patient when using the remote sniper rifle. Word to the wise, don’t shoot at any of the vehicles; only shoot the men in the turrets. Any stray bullets and you’ll have to restart the level, so get your enemy locked, take ‘em down, and pick up 10G.

Go Ugly Early: While in the “Homecoming” level, when using the A10 Warthog, you will complete several strafes shooting enemy batteries and helicopters. You need to shoot 50 enemies on the ground to pick up 10G. So basically, shoot everything including the little dots.

Carbon Faceprint: You gain this achievement in the level Federation Day after you disable the elevators, take out the approaching enemies, and begin repelling down the side of the building. The level you were on blows up and shatters the windows of one of the floors above you. Remain still on your rappel line and the printer will fall out of the building onto your face, unlocking the achievement.

Deep Freeze: In the level Clockwork, while evading Jeeps and Snowmobiles, you’ll be on a turret with a grenade launcher. Instead of shooting the jeeps and snowmobiles shoot the ice in front of them and they’ll drop into the water instead. Pick up 25G.

David and Goliath: Obtained in the level, “Into the deep,” take down the LCS (the ship with sonar) on the first go. Guide your torpedo through the water aiming for red. Be sure not to hit the open bay door on the bottom of the ship.

Grindin: When going through the level “Atlas Falls,” Blow the pressure valves on the first attempt by keeping the water pressure in the middle while destroying Atlas. Use up and down on LS.

Cog the Machine: In “End of the Line,” Kill 5 enemies without being spotted. First, use a drop down attack in the beginning. Second, knife the guard in the back. Third, shoot one of four guards at the truck. Lastly, kill two guys on either side of the bay doors right after the truck.

Fly-By-Wire: This achievement you pick up in the level “Severed Ties.” While you are in the tank (after you infiltrate the base), run through the wall with it. Go a hundred yards through the hangar (shoot or run over enemies along the way), turn to the left after exiting the hangar and you will hear over your radio to watch out for helicopters. Press the Y button to change to heat-seeking missile type, look over the building tops and you will see 3 helicopters.

Fire missile with RT, guide the missile toward one of the helicopters with LS (you can accelerate the missile with LT), and pull RT when you want to detonate. If you miss the helicopter, you can detonate if still within close proximity and still take out the heli. Do this with all three and you’ll get the gamer-points.

Additional tips and tricks:

  • Stick with your brother Hesh during the sequences in “Ghost Stories” when you have to follow him or you will be forced to go back the previous check point.
  • The game is really touchy about friendly fire so be sure you’re shooting at the enemy and not one of your own.
  • In the level “No Man’s Land,” you get to use Riley, your brother’s dog, as a weapon (use this to your advantage). This is a simple level as long as you follow your brother Hesh’s prompts and instructions. An easy way to die or get sent back to the last checkpoint is by giving up your position and not staying in stealth mode. Be patient and avoid unnecessary confrontation with guards.
  • During the “Into the Deep” level, when you are on AEGIS, don’t shoot the sharks, or they will bite you and kill you!

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