Find out which weapon, mode, and map are the best for completing the Bloodthirsty Medal challenge in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile: How to Earn the Bloodthirsty Medal

Find out which weapon, mode, and map are the best for completing the Bloodthirsty Medal challenge in Call of Duty Mobile.
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A new event in Call of Duty Mobile challenges players to earn three consecutive Bloodthirsty medals in multiplayer matches. Those who manage to complete the task will get some excellent rewards. But before starting this challenge, it’s important to know that to get one Bloodthirsty medal, players need to get five clean kills with guns without dying.

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This means that you need to kill 15 enemies fair-and-square during a single match-up. This guide will provide you with tips on how to earn a Bloodthirsty medal three times in a row.

How to Start the Bloodthirsty Challenge in CoD Mobile

  1. Tap on Events in the main menu
  2. Select Seasonal tab
  3. Tap on Total Savage option
  4. Press GO when ready
Best Weapon: M4 LMG

Trying to kill multiple enemies at once using grenades or rocket launchers may seem like the best tactic, but for this challenge, you will not earn a single medal using that method.

Instead, you should opt for an accurate machine gun with high damage output, such as the M4 light machine gun.

It has both high damage and a high fire rate, and it is by far the most accurate LMG in the game. However, you need to increase its performance even further using this list of best attachments:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • RTC Steady Stock
  • OWC Laser Tactical
  • Tactical Foregrip A
  • Granulated Grip Tape

The best perks for M4 LMG are:

  • Agile  aiming time is reduced by 85%
  • Quick Fix  each successful kill regenerates your health
  • Dead Silence  enemies can’t hear you

The best skin for this weapon is Crimson Vampire, which is available at Level 150, and offers the following benefits:

  • Each successful hit increases damage by 15 points every 2 seconds
  • Increases all your XP earnings by 5%
Best Mode: Domination

The best multiplayer mode for this challenge is Domination.

First, you can get unlimited kills here, which allows you to get as many as as you need without resetting the game and the challenge. Second, Domination has three stages, where each provides different opportunities for kills. 

Lastly, Domination has that Shipment 1944 map, which is the smallest map in Call of Duty: Mobile. It’s compact and allows you to get kills faster than any other map in the game.


Once you’ve been able to earn three Bloodthristy medals in a single match-up, you will be rewarded with:

  • 10x Weapon XP Cards
  • 2000x Battle Pass XP

That’s all you need to know on how to earn a Bloodthirsty medal three times in Call of Duty Mobile. For more Call of Duty Mobile guide articles, head over to our dedicated guides page for more.

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