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CoD MW3: How Aftermarket Parts Work in MW3

Aftermarket Parts are a new customization system coming in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Here's how they work.

Every year, Call of Duty attempts to expand the weapon customization options offered by the Gunsmith system. Modern Warfare 3 is no different with the inclusion of something new. Here, we explain how Aftermarket Parts work in MW3.

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How Aftermarket Parts Work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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MW3‘s addition to weapon build-crafting is called Aftermarket Parts. It iterates upon a concept introduced in Modern Warfare (2019), converting one weapon into another through specialized parts. However, Aftermarket Parts introduces a more drastic set of changes.

At its simplest, Aftermarket Parts are Conversion Kits that transform MW3 weapons into almost entirely different guns. Some conversions are more significant than others, but all are meant to drastically change how a weapon platform functions at a basic level.

How to Unlock Aftermarket Parts

To unlock Aftermarket Parts, you need to reach max level with the weapon you want to use them on. You must then complete a specific challenge only easily achievable with a fully-leveled weapon.

For instance, the Renetti burst-fire pistol Aftermarket Parts challenge is to get 30 kills with five attachments equipped. The Pulemyot LMG asks you to get 25 hip-fire or Tac-Stance kills.

All MW3 Aftermarket Parts Challenges

Once you reach max level with a weapon and complete the associated challenge, you unlock the ability to equip the Aftermarket Parts. I prefer to avoid clicking through menus, so I went ahead and listed all Aftermarket Parts challenges for you below.

  • DG-58 LSW Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit 
    • How to Unlock: Complete x5 Week Two challenges.
  • COR-45 XRK IP V2 Conversion Kit
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • MCW 6.8 Full-Auto Conversion
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • WSP 9 Broodmother .45 Kit
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • MTZ-762 Jak Heretic Carbine Kit
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • MCW Jak Raven Kit
    • How to Unlock: Complete x5 Week One challenges.
  • Pulemyot LMG Jak Annihilator
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • Jak Ferocity Rennetti Handgun with Full-Auto Carbine
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • WSP Swarm Akimbo Brace Stock Kit
    • How to Unlock: Complete x5 Week Three challenges.
  • INTLAS MSP-12 Cronen
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
    • How to Unlock: Armory Unlock.
  • TAQ Eradicator
    • How to Unlock: Complete x5 Week Four challenges.

If you’re a bit lost on Armory Unlocks, you’re not alone. It’s an entirely new system in MW3, so we’ve got a full guide detailing how they work here. When it comes to the Weekly Challenges, they’re hidden within the Challenges menu by your Social tab. Weekly challenges are divided up into two categories: Multiplayer and Zombies. So, no matter where you prefer to play, you’ll be able to complete the challenges with ease.

Call of duty mw3 weekly challenges menu displayed.
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How Aftermarket Parts Change Weapon Design and Function

The degree to which these Aftermarket Parts change a weapon’s function differs depending on the weapon, but some are pretty outlandish.

  • The Renette (Modern Warfare 3‘s version of an M9 variant) transforms from a burst-fire pistol into something resembling a 30-round magazine-equipped SMG.
  • The Pulemyot LMG uses Aftermarket Parts to go into a bullpup configuration, placing the weapon’s breech and the chamber behind the trigger. This shortens the LMG’s overall profile, making it more suitable for a run-and-gun playstyle. This contrasts with its typically slower, more methodical gameplay LMGs tend to ask.
  • The WSP Swarm SMG Aftermarket setup shows the other end of the customization spectrum. All it does is allow you to wield two of them at once in an Akimbo stance.

Additionally, because equipping Aftermarket Parts usually changes the weapon on a basic level, not all of the attachments you’ve unlocked will work on the new loadout. There also seem to be specific attachments that only go on an Aftermarket weapon, like the bullpup barrel for the Pulemyot.

How Many Setups are There for Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3?

There are eight Aftermarket setups available in Modern Warfare 3. More will undoubtedly come with the Seasonal DLCs and the mid-Season updates.

That’s how Aftermarket Parts work in Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully, they don’t completely break MW3 multiplayer, but I don’t have much faith they’ll be balanced. The question is, are they overpowered, or do they make the weapons literally unusable except for memes? My money is on the latter. For more on tips and tricks, head over to our guides hub.

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