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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Hidden Numbers Decoded

There are hidden numbers in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release trailer, but what are they and what do they mean?

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release trailer has hidden numbers that we’ve (partly) decoded, leading to potentially more information about the game. The string can be seen faintly at the beginning of the MW3 trailer, hidden in the green static, before disappearing into the new red logo for the sequel. But what are the secret numbers for, and what does the hidden code mean? Here’s what we know about the Easter egg.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Hidden Numbers Decoded

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The Modern Warfare 3 release trailer hidden numbers are: 1-202-918-3022 and seem to be a tease for the rumored upcoming reveal. The secret code correlates to a North American phone number (the +1 prefix) that you can text. If you call the number, a voice recording will say, “This line is designated sierra mike sierra. Hang up, and text 202-918-3022.”

Modern Ware 3 Teaser Hidden Numbers Message

  • When you text the number, you’ll receive a message asking you to text “Ready” to opt-in or “Stop” to opt out.
  • Reply “Ready” to start receiving secret messages.
  • Reply “Yes” to agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Once you do, you’ll receive the message “Comms Secured.”
  • You’ll then receive three more messages:
    • “Major conflict incoming. A lot of opportunity.”
    • “We need someone like you, with experience in Al Mazrah.”
    • Are you able to receive sensitive intel? Yes/No”
  • Reply “Yes” to receive more messages.
  • You’ll receive several replies:
    • “Good.”
    • “Expect mission-critical intel. A taste of what’s to come.”
  • You’ll then receive a screenshot of a map.
  • That ends the transmission.

After receiving the map, I asked, “What is this?” and I received the following reply: “Enough for now. More incoming soon.” The map you receive in the text messages points to Al Mazrah and likely teases the rumored Warzone event that will reveal more about MW3.

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Update: 8/8/23: I received two more messages, seemingly teasing the upcoming reveal, one apparently referencing the map of Al Mazrah shared in the initial correspondence:

  • “Tell your crew we have work for them.”
  • “There are many sites to secure.”

Update: 8/9/23: Two more messages were sent to my phone without me responding to the previous intel.

  • “Situation unstable. Enemies are friends, friends are enemies.”
  • “There is no turning back while you’re alive.”
  • “Inform others. Stay alert.”

I then received a link to the Makarov reveal trailer, so it looks like Activision will send more than cryptic messages to those that have texted the hidden numbers. Later in the day, the MW3 worldwide reveal details were shared on the CoD blog.

Update: 8/10/23: Three more cryptic messages were intercepted on my phone, telling me this was mission critical and asking me to memorize an “upcoming target,” which was a calendar invite to the upcoming reveal on August 17.

  • “When the time comes, you cannot fail.”
  • “Study the upcoming target.”
  • “Be ready. Success will be rewarded (calendar link).”
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Update 8/12/23: Yet another bit of information was teased, this time for a chemical grenade in a loadout, hinting at the upcoming Warzone event near the Zaya Observatory.

  • “//Classified Objective//. Extract gas canisters. Secure near Zaya. Stop at nothing.”
Image via Activision

Update: 8/14/23: As we get closer to the reveal, more messages continue to come in. This one arrived with a picture of a rusted door.

  • “Mark your enemies.”
  • “Be one step ahead.”
Image via Activision

Update: 8/15/23: More messages were received ahead of the impending MW3 reveal during the Warzone event on August 17.

  • “The time me draws near. The plan is almost complete.”
  • “Coordinate your efforts with other operatives to see what lies ahead.”

The following image was attached as a link:

Image via Activision

Update 8/17/23: Four more cryptic messages came through ahead of and after the official Modern Warfare 3 reveal in Warzone.

  • “This goes beyond the mission. Everyone will see.”
  • “The plan unfolds. Do no disappoint.”
  • “The time is now. Deploy and execute.”
  • An 11-second voice memo was provided of someone, perhaps Makarov, speaking in Russian.

That’s all we know about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release trailer hidden numbers for now. Stay tuned for more intel. I’ll update this as more is provided about the Easter egg through SMS.

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