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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Will DMZ be in MW3? Answered

DMZ, the surprisingly good extration mode in Call of Duty, has an uncertain future in Modern Warfare 3.

DMZ, Call of Duty‘s surprisingly solid take on the extraction shooter, has never been the focus of the free-to-play Warzone version of the series. Still, it nonetheless saw consistent support after its introduction. With Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon and a new Warzone map supposedly on the way, the fate of the DMZ mode is somehow still up in the air. There’s been little talk of how CoD‘s battle royale will evolve and even less how DMZ will. So will DMZ be in in MW3?

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Will DMZ Be in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? Answered

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There’s no clear answer to whether DMZ will be available during Modern Warfare 3. News drops about Warzone generally have been fairly sparse. The upcoming COD Next is supposedly the point when we learn much more about everything MW3.

However, we now know that DMZ will not be featured at the reveal event. That’s thanks to an official post from the Call of Duty X (Twitter) account.

In short, all the post says is the beta will continue as it has for the past year. It’s unclear what continuing to support DMZ means in this context. However, it sounds like there will be continuing updates to the mode. There is, of course, no mention of any new maps, balance or gameplay updates, or anything of the sort. There’s also no clue whether DMZ will implement some of the new movement mechanics or feature any new weapons coming in Modern Warfare 3.

With DMZ not showing up at COD Next, I’m a bit worried. Will the mode remain in an eternal Beta period? Possibly. While incredibly fun for what it is, it hasn’t generated the revenue or player engagement necessary to keep it running indefinitely. We won’t know more until closer to Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3, which might be when the new Warzone map drops.

DMZ relies heavily on Warzone assets to function, but it also has its own collection of unique mechanics. If it’s stuck on the old maps indefinitely, DMZ is effectively on life support. Should it get access to whatever new map is coming to Warzone, DMZ has at least another year to prove it’s worth keeping around.

For now, that answers the question: will DMZ be in MW3. We’ll be covering plenty of other Modern Warfare 3, so stay tuned. In the meantime, bookmark our guides hub, where we’ll be adding tips and tricks for the upcoming shooter.

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