We collect all of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's perks in one spot, including loadout perks and weapons perks.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Perks Guide: Loadouts and Weapons

We collect all of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's perks in one spot, including loadout perks and weapons perks.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has a lot of perks to choose from. Many are connected to your loadout. Though, there are a few specific to your weapons. Every perk provides a certain advantage on the battlefield. Some keep you hidden from enemy radar, while others allow you to reload faster or use killstreaks for one less kill. 

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You get three perks slots in Modern Warfare, with each perk falling into a particular category. As expected, you can have three perks active at one time. However, you can also swap out your perks during a match, allowing you to adapt as other players unveil their tactics. 

Below, we lay out all of the game’s perks we know about so far. Since Modern Warfare just released and we’re currently working through the game, this guide will updated as we discover more. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Loadout Perks List

Perk Slot 1
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Double Time Lvl 1 X2 Tactical sprint duration;
30% increase to crouch movement
E.O.D Lvl 1 Hack claymores, Proximity Mines, C4;
take less dmg from fire, non-killstreak explosives
Overkill Lvl 8 Carry two primary weapons 
Scavenger Lvl 18 Get ammo from dead players for resupply
Cold-Blooded Lvl 29 Undetectable by targeting systems,
thermal optics
Quick Fix Lvl 42 Increase health regen by killing players,
capturing objectives, holding objectives

Perk Slot 2
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Restock Lvl 1 Recharge equipment over 30 seconds
Hardline Lvl 1 Killstreaks cost 1 less kill
High Alert Lvl 11 Vision pulses when enemies outside of
your line of sight see you
Ghost Lvl 24 UAVs, drones, and heartbeat sensors can’t detect you; Snapshot Grenade immunity
Kill Chain Lvl 34 Killstreak kills count to more killstreaks;
resets when you die
Pointman Lvl 49 Killstreaks can turn into score-streaks

Perk Slot 3
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Tune Up Lvl 1 Field upgrades charge 33% faster
Amped Lvl 1 Swap weapons and reload rocket
launchers faster
Shrapnel Lvl 13 Spawn with +1 Lethal Equipment; your explosive dmg delays enemy health regen
Battle Hardened Lvl 26 Reduces impact of enemy flash, stun, and EMP grenades
Spotter Lvl 38 See enemy equipment, field upgrades, killstreaks through walls; mark them with ADS
Tracker Lvl 51 See enemy footprints, enemy death locations; hide death locations of enemies you kill

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons Perks

While you can have three loadout perks active at one time, you can only have one weapon perk active at one time. Additionally, weapons perks take up an attachment slot.

As you play more and level up your character, you’ll unlock more weapons perks, just as you unlock more loadout perks. These are the ones we know about as of this writing.

Perk Name Description
Burst Changes fir mode to 3-round burst
Burst Fire Enhanced 3-round burst + improved fire rate
Fast Melee Attack faster with melee weapon
FMJ More bullet penetration; dmg against equipment
and killstreaks increased
Frangible [Disabling] Bullets slow enemy movement; enemy super sprint
briefly disabled when shooting enemy legs
Frangible [Wounding] Briefly delays enemy target healing
Heavy Hitter Melee stuns enemies much better
Mo’ Money Headshots give more money and XP
Presence of Mind Gives you infinite breath (e.g. Iron Lungs)
Sleight of Hand Reload weapons faster
Stance Training Crouch/prone increase accuracy

That’s all you need to know about perks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If we come across any other perks while playing the game, we’ll be sure to update this guide as quickly as possible. 

While you wait for our Modern Warfare review, be sure to check out our other Modern Warfare guides, as well as our multiplayer beta impressions from a few months ago. 

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